Is this normal can stall motor by hand with little pressure

Hello I was working on my mountain board the other day and noticed I can grab one of the motors and hold it with very little pressure and can prevent it from spinning. Doesn’t matter what motor they both do it is this normal?

Dual Vesc Dual 213kv sk3 motors Two 4s 5000mah zippy batteries in series

That doesn’t sound right. I had a very similar thing with my old VESC, turns out it was an inferior VESC and was under powered. Yours may be the same…

Here is a video of what I am talking about…

Holy shit those tyres are out of balance!

No, that’s not right. How do they pull you? Much torque?

that’s the crazy thing is they pull great if I go full throttle it will flip me back… to me its like traction control and its dumping the power to the other side. If I try go from a dead stop the motors will cog but if I give a little hip thrust it’ll start just fine. The tires are terrible they are way off balanced not sure how to handle that yet… I got them from chine the nice thing is they are actually rubber so they don’t wear like the cheap mbs tires that come with the boards.

Yeah If your grab the motors you can stall them there is no torque multiplayer there so its fairly easy. Also your vesc is probably shutting it off if its connected by the cambuss due to the traction control function.

Ahhh yeah that’s it then, I’d You’re running dual VESC with the traction control feature on, that’s why it’s cutting out so easily…

Those chains seems very loose.

yeah I wiped out and bent my home made motor mount so need to make it a little thicker.