Is this related to momentary remote drop outs?

So I am on the mailing list for and this was on the newsletter. I wonder if this has anything to do with dropouts that some people experience with their remotes? It could be completely unrelated I was just curious.

For the winning remote. I’m pretty sure it’s not the receiver that’s cutting out but rather the remote itself, which, if this is the case, would mean this would not help.

@Lizardking0069 paired his winning remote with a GT2B receiver and still experienced the stuck throttle/unresponsive brake that I did when using it.

I wonder if using Ferrite rings would help the cut outs?

I use it in my setup. Not sure if it really helps, but doesn’t hurt!

Are the cut outs at specific times during the ride during acceleration or top speed or something?

On my winning remote it’s totally randomly, but never happens at high speed. It’s usually at low speed that it starts acting up, not sure why. I’ve switched remotes (completely different type) using the exact same setup and everything’s been smooth since.

Another thing to note is that my winning remote now physically gets stuck sometimes when max throttle or max brake. I mean that the throttle will physically get stuck in its position due to friction sometimes. Not the biggest deal, but kind of annoying.

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Dang… I haven’t even tried using it yet and I am already worried…

Maybe someone with some electrical expertise can check out the PCB inside. My uncle is an electrical engineer, maybe he can figure it out.

It seems like somethings “hanging” when it tries to sent the pulsewidth signal and it sort of lags out.