IS this remote any good?

HI, my benchwheel receiver for my DIY build broke and I´m looking for a new remote and receiver. During my research, I found this remote and i´m wondering if it is good, it is not expensive at all now but it might be of bad quality.

they only sell that remote alone, no receiver. it comes paired to their esc which has a built in receiver. you wouldn’t be able to use it unfortunaely

ok, do you have any good alternative with a receiver?

This is the metro board remote 10/10 super solid

if you have access to a 3d printer i’d go with a GT2B from hobbyking or flysky for around 20-30$ and get a 3d printed case for it…you can also find a very nice GT2B case on ebay 3d printed and designed by mastercho for 25USD…more expensive than what you were looking for but imo it’s one of the most reliable solutions

the remote @MrHappy recommended you is also a very well known and used remote in the community; people seem to like it a lot. I only ever bought one but it was faulty so it left a kind of sour taste in my mouth and i moved on from it.

Yeah, mine was amazing. Never broke on me even through several serious crashes. Never had problems w/ disconnects, and I live in the city where there’s alot of interference. The batteries are two AA’s, and mygod does it last forever. Went for a month of riding without needing to swap em, and what finally killed the battery is I left it on for a week straight.

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