Is this rideable like this? Inverted trucks?

I saw this on eBay and I was wondering can you ride a board like this. It seems like it would be really good for high speed.

Sure you can ride it. It’s mostly a gimmick though, good for boardwalk cruises.

Having said that… It’s gonna happen eventually.


Why is it a gimmick? It seems that having your weight below the trucks naturally centers the board eliminating speed wobble. I’m sure carving on it would suck. I’m interested in making an extremely fast board 60+mph and thought this might not be a bad idea for that.

You might be right, but that’s what I mean. It might be good in a very narrow application, otherwise, it is making some sacrifices.

I’ve only pushed this thing around, I have no idea how it would be at speed, but it turns like a bus, so maybe you’re onto something.

You can go even taller, too. 215, 230, 250mm scooter wheels.

do you have a wheel pully setup on there? i don’t know where to source parts for electric scooters. i would be interested in looking into it.

Not yet, it’s pretty far down the list of projects. I will 3D print the wheel pulleys.

250mm wheels.

Such a strange idea. Let me know how it goes.

giphy (3)


It will turn opposite of what you think… Left is now right and vise versa.

They switched the trucks around, if you look closely the pivots point toward each other. So it’s reversed twice and should steer normally.

Dammit I hate being wrong