Is this setup good?

So I’m thinking of building my own electric skateboard and using these parts, what do you think?





the motor kit you are buying can be bought on ebay for half the price for the exact same kit


send me a link

I would recommend against that esc. I just bought a board with the same one and it seems pretty bad. The acceleration/brake curves are terrible and it makes it feel very jerky. I also had it randomly disconnect and refuse to power back on until I connected it to power. I’m going to buy this vesc instead:

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should I get an esc from mboards?

look on diyeboard

if I get it of diyeboard it doesn’t come with a second truck

trucks cost virtually nothing to buy

Don’t buy from diyeboard, they are known scammers. @dickyho sells nice and cheap stuff.


For a little extra you could get the full Ownboards dual belt kit, just add the deck of choice

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Is ownboard any good?

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Yeah it’s legit

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Only $550 for a whole kit, hardware and charger even, add the deck which it looks like you already found and you’re golden


If you want to get motor separate, flipsky has that same kit for $175 which saves you $25.

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I would recommended you stay away from the diyeboard/mboard/flipsky kit. trust me when I say this-

“Buy cheap buy twice”

The ownboard drivetrain is the only one I would maybe consider buying.

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Listen to this man, the ownboard drivetrain/esc is leagues better than the other ones.

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Is there any other website that sells good stuff

Would this work with a dual Belt Drive setup?

Yes, but at this point you’re better off just getting the ownboard kit or the complete board.

It’s a bit to expensive