Is this soldering iron sufficient

I have 0 experience, just starting out, ordered some 10 gauge wire for loop key

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Thanks Guys @im-done @IDVert3X I didn’t want to get specific, I have a better understanding of why either is ok now for the loop key.


I’d definitely practice a bit if you have 0 experience. it’s not rocket science, not super hard at all - but practice will help a ton. I have a pile of mangled connectors i f’d up when i was swapping connectors on my batteries.

if you have some spare 12awg or 10awg that would be best to practice with - smaller is too easy. bigger wire is harder since it sucks the heat out of your weld quickly - needing more heat, more contact area, and flux is definitely your friend. I’d get some no matter what you are soldering.

If you take two bits of 12/10 wire and squish them flat then try to solder them together - i think this is a fair approximation of soldering in your xt90/xt60 connections. bad connections/solder here will break and be no fun. As in if both break and you have live wires touching… welding and fire possible… In a loop key like your drawing - much less likely to have a hot + and - touch… so much safer at least.

these guys make good videos - skip through some of the intro BS and watch how they do it… should help!

This is a great intro and tons of good info (if a bit long) on soldering:

HTH and GL!

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Thanks for the link, the Old guy is great!

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