Is this the Hobbywing ESC + Remote?

Browsing the forums, find a post talking about some boosted board battery and hobbywing esc + remote found the link to the item on - was curious if anyone actually knows if this is the hobbywing stuff since it’d be pretty useful - I kinda want that remote not sure what the specs are on the hobbywing ESC though.

That’s the same esc and remote as ownboard/ wowgo has.

The esc can pull max 24A so around 1000W max.

so it is hobbywing?

and well those numbers are far less than what I expected. 1000w and 24a does not seem like much, surprising. wish they had a higher performance model that they sold.

Yep (I used it in my previous build and worked very smooth)

Of course not as powerfull as dual vesc.

where did you get it from? and which build did you use it in? link?

I thought the escs and remotes weren’t able to be used in diy from those companies

I bought the kit:

I have not posted the build on this forum but I always make an instructable here:

I see, thanks. Wonder if this could be used with the Exway version of the remote with lcd screen. I think they also use the hobbywing esc at least from some of the pictures in the links. Maybe one day someone will test it. Unless Exway locked the remote to exway escs or something.

Also I am guessing there is no place to buy the hobbywing esc + remote that ownboard is selling from the manufacturer without bulk buy?

Hobbywing do make a more powerful ESC which I’m guessing is probably what Exway are using, Ownboard has just released a new board, the W2 which touts about using a more powerful 40A hobbywing ESC

I don’t know enough about ESC’s to understand why I can’t just plug any motor into it or maybe you can but people don’t as they want more powah !

I guess they are just better/would be better for low-powered builds/budget Exways one is probably more powerful but I think they lock their programming to their parts not sure what they do but their stuff only works with their stuff I think. Don’t think that that one would be powerful enough for what I am trying to build anyway.

I’m now building a new board with the ownboard kit because I sold my previous esk8. I was actually looking for manufactures who sell these esc’s, because I really like the esc.

I found this one:

They told me they have removed the speed limit and their esc can output max 30A. If you want the higher topspeed you also need to buy their motors because they have a higer “kV” The minimum amount was 10 pieces, otherwise I couldn’t order it.

Also keep in mind these esc’s are programmed to work with a specific amount of motorpoles. So you should also buy the hubmotors from them, or ask how many poles the motors have before buying hubmotors from an other company.

Don’t know if this is the best place to put this, however found this on youtube today

I can’t see any reason this wouldn’t just be the same as a Ownboard W2 esc & remote These guys are talking it up as an upgrade to the Evolve range, checked with Ownboard as they don’t currently have the W2 parts listed but was advised W2 ESC and controller - 87 usd

Who has an evolve and wants to be a test dummy ?

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but what are the actual specs of the ESC cant be putting it in high powered builds and then just frying it

the video is a prototype esc to work with evolve, but where ever you can but the hub motor version esc it will probably work with the budget boards as upgrades, maybe with the ownboard w2 we could use that with belt driven boards tbh idk what I am even talking about but hopefully we see hobbywing allow wider usage of the esc besides budget board companies? and maybe see some specs?