Is this the second coming of AlexTech?

Are you feeling sad now that Christmas is over? Do you need something to cheer you up? Read this crowdfunding from someone who admitted to never having built a board yet feels “very qualified” to build them. He’s going to build a “premium board for the budget market”. Cause that’s possible. Send him your money now! (Sarcasm).

Thankfully so far no one has donated, but if does get any monetary support, we should be careful, could have an AlexTech 2.0 on our hands.

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Haha. Not again… Fuck…

Oh my goodness. I have to mirror this here for inevitably when this crashes and burns and gets taken down:

For about 3 years now I've been really into the electric skateboarding scene but I never had enough money to afford any of the boards that were available on the market. I didn't think I'd ever be able to manufacture my own electric skateboard but then I thought why not? I'm very up for this huge challenge and I'm going to stop at nothing to be able to achieve it! With that mindset, I don't see why I'm not qualified to start manufacturing my own electric skateboard.```

He doesn't see why...yet just enunciated why

And I’ll add this

The board will have 2 150w motors which will not only allow it to reach speeds of 20mph but it will accelerate to these speeds very quickly.


0.4 horsepower is no laughing matter.

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Yes I imagine it being as fast as a 2 legged horse :rofl:


i’m pretty sure there’s a rule against brigading but we should bomb that campaign with difficult questions he / they can’t answer, hehehe :smiling_imp:


Maybe he accidentally put a space between the 2 and 150w for motor wattage.

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And added an s to motor :yum:

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Couldn’t help but notice that you can only post comments and questions on their page if you’re already a backer. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence…

I’ll back him with $.01 if it means I can comment and see him try to come up with answers

They have a £5 level

I’m surprised this hasn’t raised any funds yet. Clearly this is such a good deal – I’m just waiting for funds then I’ll probably be snagging about fifteen of them


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250 pounds thank you 2000 pounds 2 boards… They do not offer just one board at a reasonable price. I didn’t even read the specs but I doubt this is gonna work.

any one can offer to build and charge money in reward but you do need a qualified electrician to sign off on the wiring and he needs to test all circuits.If you dont have all this i place and lets say the board goes on fire kills or burns down a house its lands on your door step.

Not if you label it “paperweight / door stop” heh heh heh


“Display Purposes Only, Not Intended For Use” :yum:


WAIT, you mean people were riding those!!??!?? Those were movie props!


I am taking my money… and supporting a “worthier” cause.