Is this TRAMPA board a good ESK8 candidate?

Hey, guys saw this TRAMPA setup for sale on a local app and wanted to ask if this board is a good ESK8 candidate. I asked the owner what ply? (15ply) what trucks? (6000rs ground industries) and what wheels? (cross air wheels). Of those responses, the only ones that really I knew about were the ply hence me coming here asking if this board is a good ESK8 candidate.

Below are the pictures from the listing hopefully someone can let me know thanks :slight_smile:




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Ply with depend on how heavy you are.

i’m 160-170 what should i be looking out for?

know anything about the trucks or wheels

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That’s borderline. If you like flex then you should be ok. Trucks are ok. A little heavy, I’m hoping mbs restocks in August so I can get a set of trucks to complete a chain drive build I started.

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how much should i pay for something like this?

i’m guessing i’d have to get new wheels hubs?

You will not be able to go as fast as you like on this deck/truck. Stability at high speed is questionable.

Battery and enclosure also needs to be flexible

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i’d be willing to sacrifice speed for comfort on the road especially with the conditions we see in LA also thought it’d be a way in on a “budget” trampa saving on deck, trucks, and wheels

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As long as you know the limitation of a build. You’ll love it. Also remember that your range drops due to the wheel size


that should be pinned somewhere


Questionable trucks.

  • Can you still get replacement parts for it (cause you will need them)?
  • Is the top truck plastic?
  • No dampers? Soft rubber type inserts in the springs. Trucks will be unstable/speed wobble around 23 km/h off-road when the ground is uneven. Wobbles when there is strong wind on regular roads.
  • Are you able to construct your own motor mounts. AFAIK, there are none available for it, unless the truck Profile matches that of MBS.


  • from the looks of it, plastic hubs. Could be unbalanced
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thanks for pointing out these didn’t nessicarily weigh them when choosing it guess it’s a strong no and i’ll have to wait to get stuff from people on here

That’s what I’m working on now. Ordered 15 degree trampa& have 15 degree skate trucks ,& chain drive.

It depends on what they are charging & + shipping I found 1 contacted the guy he want more than what I could order from trampa only thing is he had trucks but I Don’t need them already have some . So I went over to trampa website and ordered some of these people are delusional.

Not sure if this helps, ksfacinelli is using thinking it might be the same Ground Industries trucks with my mounts.