Is this wheel normal/safe to ride on?

It looks very misaligned and wobbly to me, but I was told by the manufacturer that it was normal.

I’m skeptical, so second opinions?

I would say no. you might check that all your bolts are tight, but if its like that from the factory, I wouldnt ride on it, at least not fast

Nothing seems to be loose as far as I can tell.

I would try to reseat the tire on the hub. Riding on it at low speeds will help too.

I wouldn’t ride it! For you is safe except for vibrations but for sure it will destroy the bearings may be even truck bushings. Good luck

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to me it only seems that the tire is shit and needs replacement, if the hubs are all balanced and dirt cheap i would buy it. maybe even the seller has some tires to sell that are normal

Take the tyre off then spin it.

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I had Netsky Rio playing on my headphones when I opened that gif, good sync.

Is that tyre inflated? If yes, then well I would say try riding and feel for vibrations. If the resonance is just noticeable at low speed you might be fine, but it does look sketchy.

People also use them “balancing beads” to help with vibration.

Like it was said, if the hub is also wobbly then do not use it.

At what point do you trust that the manufacturer is really not just trying to avoid replacing it and they actually really do give a shit about your safety and not just money?

I wouldn’t ride on it.

Unless it’s a highly-respected esk8 manufacturer that’s on this forum and trusted, I would not trust their word, either.

its not like a tire can explode and blow your head off but i get it, especially if you are going to make a death machine out your build

Absolutly no, its really dengerous. Take of and controll all, bearings x bolts and nut