Is this wiring diagram correct?

I’m planning on building a 10s3p battery. I’m using Samsung 30Q 3000mAh 15A batteries for the battery pack build. Someone did mention that I should hook up my BMS wires to the negative terminals, but it seems counter intuitive and goes against all the research I’ve done saying hook the BMS wires to the positive side of the battery cell terminals, so I’m planning on just hooking up all the BMS wires to the positive terminals of each cell. With my bus bars in place, I feel that maybe I should add two more series connection bus bars on the bottom most sells of the bottom side of the battery pack? Does that seem right, or should I leave it as my diagram shows? Each series connection will have two bus bars spot welded on to make sure it can handle the voltage and current that will run through it.

As for the BMS: the one I bought is coming from China, and has an atypical BMS layout with an N- port instead of having a CH- port for the charger. It says that it can charge and discharge from the same port, and gives a vague to no description to what the N- port is used for. With that saying, above is what I imagine to be correct as a wiring diagram for this to work, and where I imagine the charge port to go.

For the battery percentage meter (not a voltage meter), is it in the right location? Or should I put it after the XT-60 connecters and before the bullet connectors that will connect to the VESC. In addition, I plan to use mostly XT-60 connectors except for the battery where an XT-90 will connect to the BMS and positive wire.