Is TorqueBoards designing a Gear Drive?

I have seen they have a Drop Deck in the works, a VESC 6, heard about a 12S8P, and now I hear rumors of a Gear drive?

Yeah, we’ll have a gear drive setup. Currently, testing.


please day it fits SR TKP🙃

Do you have release dates or prices for The drop Deck, VESC 6, 128SP and the Gear drive?

Would like to buy a few of each!


@DEEIF most likely not. There are already SR TKP Gear Drives available but we’ll see. :smile:

@Underoath888 No full ETA just yet but we’re on getting them released ASAP. Looks like at least 2-3 months.


will you also have a matching enclosure for the cutout deck? Is it a big drop like the landyachtz Evo? or a microdrop like the hummie deck?

It’s a micro symmetrical drop, probably similar but I haven’t seen a Hummie deck IRL. It’s a bit thicker than Hummie Deck. I think.

Will have a matching 12s4p/12s8p enclosure for it and some new semi-flex packs and the enclosure will be more universal so it can fit better for builders. I’ve also designed it for “18650 spacers” but you can easily not use spacers and fit a larger 21700 cell.