ISO li-ion battery 12s6p

I had a 12s6p 18650 Samsung 30Q pack. It was not well protected when I rode through a deceptively small puddle, and has now become a fire hazard. Who can build me a new one? I’d need a BMS in there as well.

Depending on cost, I may need to bring it down a notch. My ride times were never long enough to be concerned with full discharge, so I feel like I could sacrifice some amps. Even though I’m sure I never topped out on speed (so maybe I could give up some “p”), I like knowing that I have the reserve.

What’s your location? If you are state side I can make you a battery… flexible flat packs, modular, pre enclosed bricks… anything as long as you can pay for it :yum:

For reference

I forgot to mention that… I’m southeast US (GA to be specific).

That’s not too far away, Delaware. PM me if you’re interested

I would vouch for @ZachTetra builds. good choice to get on his queue.