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ISO reliable electric board in the 500 to 600 range

Hey all, im trying to figure out what my best option would be to get a reliable eboard to get to and from work on with a 500 to 600 dollar budget. Bought a chinese knock off that broke and am kicking myself in the teeth for it.

Thinking about carvons new dual drive mini conplete, but want to see if i have any other RELIABLE options.

Bad arthritic back and really cant push skate 10 miles a day anymore

Not to be rude, but you are almost asking for someone to deliver a unicorn.

Might wanna check out Carvonskates little board, preorders were within your price range

Electric skateboards are not at this price yet. More and more parts are becoming available and I think in a few years the price will be in your range. It is just not feasible to make a board that is reliable and only $600. You could all ways go the diy way and stay in that range, and get a fairly good board.

Yeah i was looking at carvons mini. Just hoping its not a dupe of the same chinese board on alibaba

Also, looking at the diy way. Just worried id be digging myself a gold pit then giving all the gold away since im not the savviest at this world. I program c++ and i cook a line. No electrical engineer haha

It is going to be the alibaba board but with warranty and customer service

Hmmm well i guess the warranty helps. And carvons customer service is superior imo.

Yeah. I’m bit sure how they are pulling the price off. I’m curious to see the warranty on the electronics. A DIY board can be complicated your first time build. If needed I could possibly build/assemble a board for you. If you want pm me

You can check out my build thread here

I have made many improvements, I will post an update today. I used many 3d printed parts were safe and possible to reduce cost.

Not to be rude, but you are almost asking for someone to deliver a unicorn.

I guess I know how to make unicorns. :grinning:

@jgraham232 it is possible but it requires some leg work and some sweat and tears. You will have to fabricate your own mount and modify pulleys. You will also need to source some recycled laptop batteries, free is best.

Edit: Just realized you are wanting a “ready to ride”! You will need to fork over at least $1500 for anything near reliable.

If you’re looking to go the DIY route (which is what I think a majority of this forum has information on), it depends on what exactly in in the 500 to 600 range. If you only have 500-600 for literally everything, including tools, parts, extra materials, etc., I echo what everyone else has said. It’s neigh impossible. If you already have a few things on hand (like a soldering iron, maybe a deck and trucks) you could probably pull something off for 500-600. If you have to buy literally everything, I don’t think you’ll have much luck in that range.

If you’re looking for already completed, reliable, and in that price range, I think it’s literally impossible. There’s some chinese boards that are completed and may fit in that range, but I’d question their reliability. If you want completed and reliable, I’d agree with @chaka, you’d need about $1500, triple your budget. A diy option offers the combination of (probably) reliable and (probably) in your price range, but it’s definitely not completed.

So basically, I think you can only really pick two of those three options: completed, reliable, and price point.

Well i do have the falcon 1200 watt board that died on me. I would say that gives me a board, trucks, wheels, bearings, motor, pulley, mount… I cant for the life of me figure out why it wont charge. Charger says charged, but it wont turn on at all now, even when charged for a while. I tried just using my treadmill to regen some power, heard the motor engage a few times. Stopped, threw it on the charger again and still nothing. Youre all awesome for all of the help. I really enjoy using e boards so i can still enjoy the sport, and once i become a guru like you guys, ill be sure to repay it to novices the same.

Sorry, I’m slightly confused as to what you’re asking for exactly. Are you looking for info on how to make your own board, what pre-made board is best, or help to diagnose your broken board?

Well this started as a simple, 600$ budget what does everyone think would be a good reliable solution. Or even to reach out to a builder and see if they can help me build one within that budget, maybe more depending on relaibility. I made a post in the electronics thread about whats going on with my falcon board. But now im thinking maybe just investing a little money into upgrading the ecu on that board… if i can get it operational. Still trying to figure out the best route to properly diagnose what part is faulty. The charger, battery, bms, or esc.

Sorry i work long days on the line so im a bit scatter brained on fridays and saturdays.

This may sound odd, but smell the electronics, if the have a strong smell they are burnt up (kind of like vinegar). This would tell you what is at fault…

Buy a VESC and either salvage laptop batteries to make an 18650 pack or get 2x 5s loops

@jgraham232 Could you post some pics of your dead ESK8? If you want to nail your budget, maybe we can help you swap some parts out on that beast and get you rolling. I’d do what JLabs suggested and smell around in there. You may just find the issue. Post up some pics and it might not be that hard of a fix to diagnose. You might be able to swap out the speed controller, upgrade your battery and be fine.

He has his other thread

The Falcon is grounded Tweet Tweet!!!

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Hey, I can sell my board if you want it. I just read the whole thread and I guess you already understand 10 Miles range under 600$ is really hard. Specif of my board: 2360 watt motor, 4 miles range, 8000mah battery and Couldn’t find any hill I couldn’t climb. Just made it a week ago, and realized that it is just not practical for the place I live in (terrible road, rude drivers etc).

I’m kinda new to all of this but if i buy the vesc from the enertion website what is the maximum battery capacity i can use the get maximum range and how do i connect them up and do i need a fuse. looking at buying them from hobby king AU