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Hi everyone. New to the forum, but I have been considering electric skate/longboards for quite some time. I am a larger rider (about 205 lbs and 6 ft tall) and want to get an electric longboard to commute to/from work, uphill 3 miles from my home. I skated from a young age and then didn’t skate at all for about 15 years and just picked it up again to chase my kids around town as they get better and better at riding their bikes. The idea of an electric anything right now really scratches an itch. I gather from reading this forum that I should invest in at least a dual belt motor setup. I am looking to spend around $700.

I know too little about electrical engineering to make my own DIY setup right now, and I would rather start out seeing what right looks like than experience trial & error over many months. My work takes me on a lot of trips throughout Europe, so it is ideal to have something functional with which to explore these cities.

The budget complete setups I found seem to be either composed of low quality components or more costly than I am willing to fork over for my first e skate/longboard. I would love to go ahead and buy a Boosted, Enertion or Evolve complete, but I am once again constrained by budget. I considered a Benchwheel dual or perhaps a Koowheel dual, but it seems to be a gamble on how long they will last; 15 minutes? A month? The “false economy” of buying some cheap Chinese boosted knockoff only to have it die is my nightmare scenario.

The plug and play options which aren’t plagued with nightmare reviews on this forum, amazon, YouTube etc, look terrific but are unavailable and too expensive for me (mellow) at this juncture.

The nice completes (Boosted, Enertion, Evolve) all also seem to be out of stock, with no definite stocking date. This is a big bummer, because I may totally splurge on a nice e skateboard, but it doesn’t even seem to be an option.

Please send me a message or post it in this thread if any of you have good suggestions or better yet, a custom complete you think would work for me which you are willing to part with. Thanks a lot and I look forward to any/all responses.

With single large BLDC motor something like 6364 or 6374 190kv or lower should be more than enough to get you around with tight budget. You can always add more motor later. But keep in mind that 6364 or 6374 dual can’t be placed side by side later on due to their length.

I wouldn’t go for chinese knock off if you’re serious about using it as mode of transportation. If you’re new builder, you will probably under budget as along the way you construct your board, you could have missed some elements and or broke some parts. So keep them in mind.

I can make u one of u want

What would you do and how much?

I hate to recomend a prebuilt, but if you don’t think you can do the soldering I would recommend a Benchwheel Dual 1800. I’ve put about 50 miles on one before I gave it to my kid, he’s put over 50 more on it. You can get them from Alibaba for less than $500.

That being said, it’s not that hard to build one and most of the time it’s a much better riding experience. Talk to the guys at DIY, Miami Electric Board and Enertion. They may be able to handle the soldering for you.

I can do 6s 245kv tacon the tacon is basically new with 83mm flywheels

at that price, the only options are “cheap” completes… or a custom Single drive.

but with the Chinese boards when something breaks theres not much you can do… with a custom board, everything can be replaced easily. changed. upgraded.

I’m writing some build guides on my website. I’ve done plenty of experimenting. its not that much work to get a setup thats pretty close to plug and play now…if not I can easily make solder some custom wires/connectors to make it.

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Alextech from AA Torqueboards contacted me shortly after I posted this, I ordered one of his “Mach I Elite” boards and I am waiting for a) it to arrive and b) the snow to clear so I can go for a ride.

you said $700.

even on sale 850 those hubs(and brand/people) are unproven.

I can’t recommend someone a first esk8 built by someone who just built(assembled) their second and made a site… :sweat_smile::head_bandage:

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He dropped the price. Payment has already been made so I guess I will have to see what I get.

at the very least it should be easy to upgrade…

this is what youre getting. even the wheel color options match up.

if is the same nano remote. ask for something else or just buy a mini rc remote. the nano is kwon to have connection issues. i really hope they are not shipping boards with it.

350 set 200 battery 100 board 40 enclosure $650 - 700 worth of parts…

at least its not the 400% price hike rebranded board like epic…

That was what I am thinking. i just need a good jumping off point to get into e-sk8ing. Maybe I was wrong to do so, but I figured Alex would at the very least put more testing into his product than any complete I could find on amazon; everyone else I talked to via pm could offer less than all of the components, or I would have to buy the battery separate… I would rather get it all together- at least to start out. I do not think he’s shipping it with the nano remote, because the remote i saw on the videos he posted looks like a monster. Once again, first board, looking forward to have some fun with it, it’ll be nice to have someone put it all together, and then I’ll mad scientist the shit out of it in the future.

The “Mach 1 Elite” I hardly make money off. It might change after some established trust from the community which is more important to me than actual profits. Plus depending on where you live like Any honest person I’ll tell you outright if the hub motors just won’t work for you, and I’ll swap then for belt satellite configuration. In terms of controllers. I use the mini remote, same as TB due to its reliability.

Also Saul. I promote skepticism! I think reputation is key in this business. Slowly people will start popping up about my boards hopefully for the good.

I went with you for a reason dude, I think it is going to be a good ride. also, you communicate well, and customer support is worth its weight in gold.

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