ISO Vesc with bluetooth capabilities

So currently, I have a torqueboards VESC working with my build and I originally hoped to use a Bluetooth module I got from Jared at Build Kit Boards. I recently learned that the torqueboards VESCs do not have Bluetooth capabilites. Does anyone have any suggestions of VESCs that have Bluetooth capabilities while being the same size as the torqueboards vesc if not smaller(I am working in tight quarters and need it to be able to fit on it’s side, there’s is just enough room for the Vesc I have now in my enclosure) ? And if possible on the cheaper side but something reliable (I know, cheap = not reliable, but I’ll see). I’d like it to be reliable in FOC and be able to be reliable especially when climbing hills (and some varient of 4.12 with ble capabilites). Thanks.

How can a VESC based esc don’t support Bluetooth? Don’t get it.

I don’t know man :joy:, I even contacted them questioning it. Apparently it’s because they “have no need for it”. I don’t me to bash torqueboards, don’t get me wrong I love their products and they’re great, but this is my only complaint. (I still use their products on my builds though).

Their 4.12 escs are meh… almost caught my board on fire… but I still use their motors and other products, just not their esc’s

As for their 12s esc that’s not a vesc

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maybe i´m wrong, but there is an uart port on the tb vesc and they run the usual firmware. there is no reason why a bluetooth module shouldn´t work!


Bluetooth should be capable on TB vesc. I’m about to find out for myself. And I know I’ve seen a couple of builds here with TB and BT

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Lemme know what you find because I know they have the correct port, but they said it doesn’t support it, also if it does support it then what am I doing wrong, I have set the module up on my phone, I have set the module to 9600 and have the VeSC setting to ppm and uart so I don’t know what would be wrong.

@Andy87 was it just early focbox that the rx and tx had to be swapped?

like @J0ker3366 said, try to swap rx and tx on the jst plug. should work after.

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I can’t really swap the cables as they are set solid in the 6 pin connector, but I’ve checked and rx on the ble module goes to the tx on the VeSC, and vice versa, this is correct right?

Yeah, that’s right

They should work, what phone and what app are you using?

“Can’t” is a word which is not frequently found on a DIY forum.


You can lift up the fixation a bit and take out the pin from the jst.

I have an iPhone 7 running iOS 12 and I am using the Xmatic app

@Andy87 Alright I’ll try, thanks.

Yeah, :joy: I realized my mistake


They do have Bluetooth capabilities, I’m using a TB vesc with a bluetooth module right now, it’s just that the TB agents, Alex and Ralph don’t know anything, Dexter definitely knows how to set it up and it’s quiet easy.

@torqueboards -Dexter

For the @mccloed modules from @psychotiller you only need to use 5 of the 6 pins, I’ll upload a picture when I get home from school😂

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Ok, cause I have a ble module from buildkitboards image

And I do put it in this port right image

Looks good to me. Should have 7 pins. Bluetooth works fine on my TB vesc.


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Remember to set the setting in the vesc (can’t remember where) to “PPM+UART” and set the baud rate to “9600”

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I’ve tried setting the app setting to ppm and uart before and have been sure to set my baudrate to 9600. I don’t know why it isn’t working, in the app, it just says connecting to VESC forever. Usually this is a baudrateproblem but I don’t know. Could this be a Ble module problem because otherwise everything is correct right? What apps and phones do you guys use? Could it be a problem with one of the rx/thx pins not fully in?