ISO Vesc with bluetooth capabilities

I saw the TB recently dropped the price of the ESC’s. If they are now saying it dosnt work for the new batch my guess is that they removed some of the UART components to reduce the cost as they aren’t required for basic function. Just my 2 cents

To preface this, I hand flashed the new firmware on these modules, and tested each one before sending. The only problems people have had were with recent TB VESC and Flipsky 6.6.

It’s was proobly Ralph or Alex that said that, they didn’t even know how to setup the Bluetooth modules on any vesc lol.

I have on of the “older” TB vescs, I got mine in june-ish of 2018, I don’t know if that would have an impact but…

Have you tried to restart your phone and check for app updates?

edit: @twan any suggestions?

may or may not be my app. try the new update :smiley:


Did you solve the issue?

Not yet, I’m working on it