Issue with TorqueBoards 6S ESC

Well I was wondering what was wrong with my setup so I turned on my esc again after using a lipo instead and see a small spark pop from inside the esc. Since @torqueboards wants to choose to ignore the email I sent him and won’t reply to the chat on his website maybe this will get his attention. Am I angry? Yes, I had heard about the quality of his products and spent roughly 500 dollars on parts from him. Yet so far it hasn’t even been a month of use before they started breaking down on me. First the bms in the battery blew, the switch was faulty, and now the esc has a broken capacitor on the inside of it. When going 20 mph on a board, it’s dangerous, shit happens, but if my parts aren’t reliable then I’m dancing with death. So now I’m left to try and find a solution to this problem I’ve already wasted 100-200 dollars on replacements and @torqueboards seems to be going on with his happy life. So if anyone is considering buying from this guy don’t!!! I now have to ask buy a vesc from Chaka and a battery from barjabarti so I am get to work and all that comes out of my pocket

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@torqueboards gets flooded with emails, I’m sure it was just an honest mistake. I am willing to bet he will make it right, unless there is a reason (like there is something wrong with your setup) that he has asked you to change and havnt. I, and many others have great expirence with him. So to anyone reading this, don’t let this post discourage you from buying from DIY.

Now to fix your problem, DIY does not make these esc’s and things are bound to happen. You can pull up on the board and it pops out, then solder the cap back on. Should it have happened? No, but it’s not a deal breaker.


Well Ig I’ll wait to see what he says then

@willpark36 - Not sure, how you are contacting us but we are more available.

You choose to open your pack, instead of sending it back to us. Don’t act like that wasn’t your decision. I specifically told you. You decided to “forgo” the advice and open the pack anyways.

As for the ESC, we would be happy to replace it. Send it back to us and we’ll send you a new one.

@JLabs - Thanks.

I knew there was something going on, if there was an actual issue with the battery I’m sure he would fix it just like the ESC.

@torqueboards no problem, there is no need for your reputation to be effected here.

Will mail tmrw and the switch is also broken… as for the pack yes I did choose o open it but u also said that u would help with disassembly

Sure, email us for your RMA #.

And u’ll help with the pack?

We don’t typically help with disassembly and don’t recommend it. We don’t offer any spare BMS for you to use so it would be experimental if you were to do so. Which is why we gave you our warranty option. So we cannot help with disassembly as it’s not recommended.

You do realize this is on your end, not on @torqueboards, if you open the pack, basically you pay the price.

Which I’m very aware genius! Hence why I asked for help with its disassembly not a return yet I can’t figure out ur purpose if ur only going to state the obvious…

Edit: I was talking about the quality of the pack in the original post btw but perhaps since it doesn’t concern you and ur not contributing anything to this thread you should just shush

Yeah but you cannot say that he ignores you, and you disassembled it before he helped.

But that wasn’t unaccurate sir, he didn’t reply to any emails I sent him afterwards which did not all in fact concern the pack…

Well I can live with that maybe someone on the forum can help me determine weather since the esc was faulty the pack itself is fine as I have posted the pack itself for sale with no bms but won’t sell if the pack itself has been damaged

However if you would like to contribute some of your knowledge to a solution that would be appreciated but please no more unkind comments we’re all here to learn and can play nice

Then you should consider not saying [quote=“willpark16, post:1, topic:11715”] if anyone is considering buying from this guy don’t!! [/quote]

because as you say [quote=“willpark16, post:15, topic:11715”] play nice [/quote]

I cannot give you any fixes, @torqueboards will help you with all of your questions. He is very responsive, probably the most in the industry.


can you please send me your email, and do i pay shipping?

[email protected]