Issues connecting dual flipsky vesc to BT modules

Hello guys. having issues getting telemetry monitoring my setup. flipsky dual 4.2 vescs bluetooth moudle i have been trying are - old BT moudle, HM-10 moudle , bluetooth 4.0 with HM-10 built on it.

my mobile phone is : one plus 5 , android version 8.1.0 app tried: , ESC monitor , vedders app

none of them above gave me the option to make it work. my phone can’t even find nor connect to the modules. with old phone i have lying around (LG G5) not sure what is the android version. i manage to connect to the ESC monitor , but not to metr or vedders app. obviously i want the newer phone to work with ESC monitor app or , i prefer not to buy the expansive metr module , also do not want to downgrade the phone android version.

any ideas on how to make it work?

thanks in advanced

try Xmatic, not sure if it is on android tho

Looks like your rx and rc is mixed up. Swap it and it will probably work. I guess you already set the vesc to ppm+uart mode and changed the baudrate to 9600.

no Xmatic for android

as already wrote with old phone its working and the RX-TX wiring is correct