Issues with pages loading and taking forever to open topic pages

Anyone else experiencing issues with opening topic pages and the loading wheel continuing to spin even though the page is loaded. Whenever I open an topic i have to hit the stop and then hit refresh.

I’m using google chrome as a bowser


yaah 15 charz

at least some minutes ago. now better?

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Nope still getting it on my end

Happening on IE as well.

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Its totally not my fault…no matter what anyone says.


Although there was some transient packet loss across the states at around 7:45am…not sure if that’s causing it. Seems like the issue was resolved. Hopefully that means the forum will go faster now!

Happening here too (europe) terribly slow loading.

what else am i supposed to do if this goes down :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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Still happening and testing it at my work which we have 400+ mb/s for download so I know it isn’t the internet connection.

Still happening in NY :stuck_out_tongue:

I went ham on my router for nothing :rofl:

Im not sure if its a biproduct of the slow-ness, but I cant seem to load avatars either

#1 image

#2 image


Yea, I did some digging here, we host the majority of the .builder domain here, not sure if this site is on it but the issue I saw was affecting any customers, it was all internal tooling that was seeing the slow downs.

So yep, not my fault!

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Everything is so slow to the point where I can barely use the site.

you’re that guy that still uses IE?

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I dont use IE I hate that crappy browser. I was testing the forum on that browser to see if it was a chrome browser issue.

Looks like it is back to pretty much regular speed how bout you @anon64938381


Seems alright now, pictures and links are loading a-ok

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I was also having the same problem last night seems to be fine now

Uhoh… Loading times are going back up for me :roll_eyes:

Been fine all day. Now it’s having issues though.

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Here too but getting better again And worse And force logged out And still worse Then ok


up and down like a whores draws here too. Its totally @Itsmedant fault no matter what he says


Yep defiantly your fault…:nerd_face:

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