Issues with Torque Boards components

In waiting for my Kaly.NYC board to be completed, I decided to take on a little side project and motorize one of my own long boards. I figured it would be nice to have a second board so my friends and family could join me when I’m out riding.

So, I purchased a bunch of components from the guys over at ( @torqueboards ) since they had most everything I needed in stock and at relatively inexpensive prices.

The issues I’m having so far stem down to two parts. The first is the Caliber truck mounting ring / adapter. The one I saw online looks like a C shape (pictured below), which from what I can see uses one bolt to tighten it on to the truck and 1-2 set screws to keep it in place. The one I got (pictured below) is a complete circle, with no “C cut out”. It has four set screws that you use to lock into place, but what I’m experiencing is that this design doesn’t really work well at staying in place. No matter how much to tighten them all down, it still has a tendency to shift a bit. Now I’m no engineering by any means, but the C shaped one I see online makes more sense to me. Can anyone provide any input on this matter?

Last but not least, the drive gear that came in this kit (pictured below), it didn’t come with any of your typical set screws, nor did it or the motor, which I also ordered through them, come with any retaining clips. The motor has provisions for them, but none came with the kit. Is that normal? What it did come with is a set of 4 (2 separate lengths), machine screws which don’t seem right. Obviously these can’t be used within the belt track, so the only other place is the outside edge, but with that, the short ones are too short to reach the shaft, and the longer ones just barely make it to the shaft. Not enough to provide any security IMO.

Once again, not an engineer, but something just doesn’t add up. Any help, advice, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Have you contacted online support? Normally very helpful.

I did contact them through there online chat, and started to explain the issues I was having with the drive gear, but when I got the response “I will raise this to our management.” It wasn’t a very “confidence inspiring” reply, if you know what I mean. Sounded like I was talking to a third party messaging service, so I opted to cut the support there. I posted this here in hopes that maybe someone else had a similar experience, work around, fix, or perhaps even get @torqueboards to chime in and shed some light on the matter. Fingers crossed!

I’m actually having the same problem, my mount just came in a few days ago, and I got the set screw model. I probably would have just purchased a cheap chinese one off of ebay that used set screws if I had known, but I thought that the C clamp would work a lot better. I haven’t actually tested it myself but if it’s like you say, I hope we hear back from Torque Boards!

I also got surprised that the pullers set screws do not align perfectly up to the flat spots on the motor shaft. And the key for the keyway on the shaft needed grinding down to fit in the slot, both in length and width.

Also I think the surfaces between the locking ring and the motor mount plate are way to slippery to be used with this friction mount solution with slots for adjustable angle. This is just meant as a constructive feedback for TB, I am happy with the motor, motor mount, vesc and trucks! :slight_smile:

the mounts work pretty well for me, i have 3 of them, you must use loctite on all 4 giant grub screws that hold it to the truck and let them cure…Dexter has been pretty awesome at helping me out… I have zero mechanical ability… the more pictures the better. hope you get everything figured out bro =)

Yes the key did take a little work to get into place, but I’ve experienced that prior working on various small gas engines, so it wasn’t something I couldn’t work with.

As for the loctite, that’s pretty much not an even consideration because I’m not talking about these getting loose down the road. The mount itself (the full circular one with the 4 set screws), due to the inherent design of it, and the way it’s held in place, doesn’t quite have the stability IMO as the one that looks like a C. Which mount are you using?

63mm kit mount, I also had to dremel my motor drive key to get it to sit on the shaft, that was a bugger.

Well it looks like I was shipped a V1 mount, but the website shows the V4 in there kits…

Yea, I think we got the old switch-a-roo…

Hey @torqueboards, how can we resolve this?

its best to contact him directly my friend or just PM =) that was a naming convention v1=v4 sir ima upload a pic so i can show u what i got

i shed a tear when i saw ur name, i miss my ducati very much =(

*if you have the extended trucks from TB you must inform them as then u need a different clamp

No not the size of the mount, which style mounting ring / truck adapter??? Four set screws (full circle) or the clamp style (looks like the letter C or pacman)…

I have got their motor mounts and truck kits over a year ago and just started to mount them recently. It’s a nightmare because of the inferior design. Using some rubber tubes to put between the C-Clamps and the truck is ridiculous. I’ve had only 1 other type of motor mount and it’s the Enertion’s where it is a 2 piece clamp down with TWO big bolts to tighten up the truck with evenly distributed force. For the DIY’s, there’s wiggle room here and there and absolutely NO grub screw to bolt down to the trucks as well! I had to drill and tap 2 holes for each clamp! That C-Clamp is just made too BIG to clamp anything down! I will post some pictures if anyone needs it.

got to head out however, with the 4 hex screws securely place i had zero movement on my mount, it worked so well i couldn’t get it off… i guess im just weak… =( Good luck bro

So what you’re saying is I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t :joy: Unfortunately my trucks now look like Jeffrey Dahmers teething ring :-1:t2:

I’m sure you can get them to work with some work. I spent hours adjusting this thing. I even had to make a center brace to keep them more secure! It’s not worth the time as all of us simply want to install and ride. Not fix and adjust 70% of the time!

PS. Ducati Guy eh! R1 Rider here! Respect!

Yea I’m certain I could get them dialed in, just don’t know if all that effort is really necessary or how well they’re going to hold up in actual use. I was thinking the C style ring may have been a better option, but after looking into it, it seems a lot of people have had issues with it as well. The fact they didn’t ship it out has me thinking now…

I guess I’m gonna have to wait on @torqueboards to see what’s up.

And yea man, fellow rider here! Been two wheeling it for over 35 years now. The R1’s are beasts! I’ve been on a few. Hands down one of the smoothest sports bikes in the industry. Unlike my washing machine :joy:

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This thread is long over due. The tb mount is just poor design. I’ve been trying for a month to figure it out. It only takes a couple hundred feet down the road and it’s loose. I’m wondering why he did away with the welded mounts. Because a couple grub screws should hold, right?

Which version do you have? There’s an installation “procedure” that one must figure out before anything!

Which is…