Issues with Torque Boards Dual 6372 motor setup (brakes, sensors, etc.)

Can anyone please help with my brake settings? I have tried adjusting everything that I can think of, and regardless of settings I always lock the wheels with the slightest touch of the remote.

I was thinking about going FOC to fix the issue, but cannot get the sensors to be recognized in FOC mode. I’m using New 4.12 VESCs & Dual 6372 motors from , 10s2p battery from Ownboard

08%20PM 26%20PM 46%20PM 17%20PM 59%20PM 25%20PM 38%20PM 13%20PM 56%20PM 46%20PM 37%20PM 15%20PM 26%20PM

What remote are you using? Try lowering the dead zone %?

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Thank you for the suggestion, I will be sure to try it!

I’m currently using the 2.4 Nano remote.

Try reducing your deadband down to 3-4%. I had similar problem the deadband at 15% created a large pause before kicking in and when it does you are already pretty far up on the curve. You should also feel your acceleration smooth out quite a bit. I am running the same remote and this adjustment made a huge difference.

Just tried it and it helps IMMENSELY! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Yea I am glad to hear it worked had the same problem and a member from the board pointed me in the right direction not sure why the tool defaults to 15% as this is way to much…