/IT.EU/ SELLING loaded deck flex1 with power train and enclosure, abec11 107 5065

i sell for a change in project, loaded devis sama deck, regenerated, with custom epoxy sand finish, 50mm motor with 1400watt each, doble king pin truks, red bones bearings, 107mm flywheels abec 11 from evolve, a custom 3d printed enclosure, a 10s1p vtc6 battery, low range, you can upgrade, it’a up to you, witout esc bms and remote, 400 euro shipped

Do you have any photographs?

yes here! https://www.ebay.it/itm/265014367488

did you drill holes into the wheels?

Yea, and ending up filling it with epoxy resin, for a stiffer feel, easyer to slide

Unfortunately almost nobady builds in eu

True, we are a small nice, bdw it’s just a matter of time

Wrong af

See on the other forum

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which frorum

We will never know

The loaded board alone is 150 the trucks 120, bearing 20, motor 70 euro each, trasmission evolve 49 euro, plus a lot of work, 350 deal

@zzoko @Bubbleblast ptss, all the cool kids are at forum.esk8.news

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How much for shipping? USA. Zip is 92606

90 dollars +430 dollars the board