It happened faster than I thought it would. SPEED

So, I got my board roadworthy, and it was a monster. Even on LOW, it seemed too fast to master. Now, I charge fully, get it balanced and set it on low. IT seems to barely get out of its own way. And certainly not that monstrous of torque. Sure, I switched to med and almost fell off, but at this rate, I may actually some day use all that the board can give. I think I am already past evolve power.

Has anyone else had this phenomenon? The throttle curve gets longer and longer. Is this just me getting used to more power earlier?


Yes. Its normal for most people i think.

As your confidence grows you can handle more speed. You want more and more. (Is this what you are talking to?)

But there is always a limit, for me 50km/h is enough for the urban environment i ride.

For big open track 50km/h might feel too slow though.

Well top speed is not toooo much different, l m or h. But the torque available is quite a bit. In just a few days, l setting torque, has come to feel like mollases.

Haha I hope you fell gracefully. The first time I hit the throttle on my raptor I was like there’s no way anyone needs that much torque. Took a couple days of adjusting (mentally/physically) then it was second nature. I didn’t even know you could change settings. Vesc wtf is a vesc? I figured it out eventually. You’ll figure it out. If not, well sucks to suck. :call_me_hand::metal:

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You’ve come a long way babay.

I think a part of it is you start to shift weight subconsciously. And are not caught offguard by brake or throttle.

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