It is impossible to build a good board under 1k

Its impossible to build a descent board good board under 1000$ canadian money , if you dont have tools

  • Vesc 300$

_Good Batterys pack are very expensive 10-13 s are insanly expensive (600- 900$ )

-Diy battery pack too , spot welders 150-200$ + shippement -nickel strips 10$

  • bms 50$ 100$ Cells 5-10$ each

-Deck 100+$

  • for diy deck you need to buy woods plate ,glue , pressure straps , saw , ruler ,paint ,carbon fiber (so your board dont look like your grandmother table ), grip tape

  • motors mount are crazy expensive for only plates of metals (50 - 70$) without pulley or anything

  • Motors 100$ + each (200$ for dual )

-truck like tb 218 for a dual motors are 75$+ 30$shippementement(+50$ shippement fees if in canada )

  • bearings 20$ +

-pulley and theets 60 $ approx

  • enclosure 100$ ( too expensive for a box of nylon )

  • good wheels90-100mm 90$ + -control remote 50- 100$

Antispark switch 200amps + 60$

  • small components xt60,xt90,12- 8 awg wires ,soldering iron ,5.5 bullet connectors gold plated Screws ,drilling machine , velcro ,3D printer , heat shrink , multimeter,balance charger ,voltmeter, replacement belt

I wanted to do an powerfull abordable electric board but now i am way pass 1000$ without even a decent battery like 12s 6p

I think that component are sold too expensive about 70% of the component real value In my opinion i think the only board under 1000$ would be a single belt drive motor(from china ) 15 mph at 5-6 miles with heat problems

Ps:no shippement fees included i have being generous


The idea of DIY is to find solutions not problems, it can be done if you are resourceful and are willing to accept used parts and wait for good deals like black friday

P.S.try forum.


Dickyho + lipos + one of the new low cost vesc 6

+Longboard deck = idk not too much


Normal dollars not Canadian

So you get a 10s4p 30q build ($250)

2 flipsky vesc ($150)

Dickyho mounts ($30)

Skateshred deck or random eBay one ($50)

Custom enclosure or be resourceful

2 race stars 5055 ($100)

4 kegel wheels cheap or used on eBay ($60)

Puellys get a guy to 3d print

Motor pulley and belts ($20)

Calliber2 trucks for cheap on amazon/eBay ($40)

Total:$700 for a pretty solid build actually


Well it’s quite possible really.

Just buy stuff like the remote/reciver from china for like 20cad. And for the batteries you can find a good deal like I know a battery shop here that would spot weld my cells for about 30eur.

You just have to be resourceful but at the end of the day upping budget is easiest.


Well you have two choices.

You can buy parts from Chinese companies that have zero warranty and just clone what other people are already doing with low quality control for cheap.


You can buy parts from established vendors who spend money on research and development and coming out with new parts and also warranty their products.

There’s good reason for mark-up. If everything sold just above cost esk8 will stay stagnant and not grow.


Managed to build one under 300 eur, but it was rather junky. Enclosure is self-made, deck is cnc(university), trucks from a 17 eur longboard. Basically 300 is VESC+LiPo(8s)+Motor. Charging with imax b6

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Next time save monies use bypass bms + voltage alarm.

I learnt the same lesson.

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lol you want a super powerful 12s6p board for under $700usd? keep dreaming buddy.

Cost savings tips:

  • Buy stuff from the forums. good condition for 20-40% off retail.
  • buy dickyho drive kits and motors

Realistic build:

drive kit: dicky ho: $138

motors: 6374 x2 dicky ho: $100

Longboard deck: whatever you like on your local craigslist: $50 (no shipping)

esc: fesc 4.12 x2 $100 (free ship)

battery: metroboard battery 10s4p 8.8ah $150

OR 10s5p 16ah for $275

enclosure: container bin/baking pan/bent

aluminum/bend plastic from local hardware store $20

remote: mini remote $20

total: $578 + $150 for shipping and misc hardware.

= $982cad

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Murdo gave you exactly what you’re looking for, but it helps if you build smart. DIY is definitely not conducive to frugality, but believe it or not, it is possible to plan out an entire build and know what it’s going to cost before you start building it. You just have to put in the effort and do your research so that what you end up with is in the realms of your expectations.

One of my most ridden boards cost <$400 to build. Tops out around ~24mph and gets 8-10mi of range.

Honestly my advice for people building cheap is to use lipos for your first build. I spent $100 on good lipo batteries, they lasted me a year, and during that time I realized I actually wanted a different board than the one I built. Imagine if I had spent all that money on my first board only to find out I didn’t like it and wanted a different one?!

To be honest, after looking at the newer China boards, I’d say if you just want to esk8, maybe just get one of those :open_mouth:. Like after all the tools you need, if you start from nothing, a ok board will be over 1k. We are talking about random costs like soldering iron, wires, XT connectors, switches, screws, bolts, tape, loctite, etc. Also, don’t forget learning costs…

Once you have those though you don’t really need to buy again for awhile.

While these won’t be anything like a 12s and not tunable, they should be pretty reliable.

Samples of ok China boards now?

Better than evolve

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Exway flex is coming out soon too.

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I mean you can build a board with actual good parts under 1k if you stuck to single drive easy. dual drive with some Chinese compromised parts. lots of way to do it :slight_smile: if you gonna go Trampa Etoxx everything sure, you can’t but a little creativity sub 1k decent build isn’t that hard

well i was to build a “cheap” board as my first, then i start to do reaserch, and in the end i spend almost $1,100 and thats in USD, paid from mexico, and with out the shippings, and i thought this was going to be a one time trip XD!!! here i am thinking in the second one

Lol I spend a lot more on mine for my second build. Lipos ain’t always cheap.

I call BS. I built my own board over the course of a year or so as a side project during school.
It was a 158Wh battery, 2.2kW single motor drive board that has a top speed of about 18mph.

Vesc (for a single motor) can be bought for $90 A hover board battery pack (10s2p) was $40 from batteryhookup I bought a 2.2 Kw motor on clearance from Olin Board Co for $52 I build a deck from scratch out of maple I bought at a discount lumber outlet – $20. It was $10 for grip tape I used a local Makerspace to do the work – the cost of a month of membership is about 50. Caliber trucks can be bought online for $30 or so A cheap set of wheels and bearings can be had for about $25 My pulleys (12T and 40T) for $5 and $10 Respectively A 5mm HTD belt was $5 on ebay Various harness parts (wire, XT 90, waterproof connectors, an antispark XT90 “Key”) were less than $50 in total The motor mount I designed and CNC machined in a machine shop. They can be had online for $50 or so.
The hub to link the wheel to the pulleys was 3D printed at a makerspace, but can be fabricated for $25 The remote for the board was from amazon – 25 bucks.

In total that was about $487 including a month of makerspace membership