It says "why electric skateboarding is dangerous" I did not write this btw

Here is an article that came across my Google news feed today. just wondering what y’all think?

Dude’s an idiot with an agenda. Probably owns stock in automobile manufacturers.


Illuminati confirmed


In all fairness, he has good points. But its does sound like there is a hidden agenda. Maybe just another uninformed spectator


He’s blaming a death on electric skateboard when the guy collapsed while riding it.

If he collapsed while driving a car, there would be probably two or more people dead instead of just the one that collapsed.

He’s full of shit.

You can write a far more damning article about how dangerous cars are. Because they are.


I missed that part lol. Let me reword that then.

“He has some good points” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


How about if we talk about how dangerous shoes are, because every day thousands of elderly folks are maimed and injured when they use their shoes to slip and fall.

We should ban those fucking things immediately.


Ffs brian stop lol. Its just an article that has no credit. Opinions (which most of that article was) are like assholes. Everybody has one. Some stink worse than others.

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Definitely has an underlined agenda. Probably a politician with investments in oil companies. I just wonder who it is because they came after the DIY community in a strange way by saying that fixing it diy is a bad idea. Apparently he has never seen this forum. Lol this is where the tech gets thought of, we are the ones coming up with ways to solve these problems. Please keep esk8 as professional as possible. the more we do stupid shit like riding in department stores or through the local mall is just asking for us to get banned completely. I’m all for rebellion but I’m hoping the cause would be more serious than illegal smart esk8 transportation revolution :grin:


What about how dangerous animal products are. They kill 80 000 000 000 animals each year and are responsible for a huge amount of climate change and suffering: Have way too much fat for a healthy diet and cholesterol in it. Damn animal products are freaking dangerous but are we stopping it? Maybe a few… maybe we should, okay that was a stupid comparison… But we don’t kill or harm anyone but ourselves if we crash or collide with something in 99% of the cases so we should know the risks and store the boards and batteries in a place that doesn’t burn that easily and wear protective gear, but this is no reason to stop it, it’s just to remind ourselves to take care?! Cars have freaking explosions in them 24/7… maybe we need to upgrade the cases for batteries but improvement comes with time. Petroleum cars are terrible either way, esk8s are already better and can only improve further! What was the cause for the boosted recall too high amp settings on the esc or what?


Talking about this kind of thing could you build a go-cart style thing based on an esk8 only difference being a steering wheel to turn it

Would that work just having a wider deck and some wider axles with scaled up parts and electronics

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Don’t get me started about how dangerous :skull: dihydrogen monoxide :skull_and_crossbones: is.

  • It kills thousands every year.
  • If you accidentally breathe it in, you’ll die within minutes.
  • It accelerates corrosion.
  • It causes suffocation.
  • It’s a major component of acid rain.
  • It has been found in excised tumors of terminal cancer patients.
  • It’s an additive in many junk foods.
  • It’s a major cause of traffic accidents.
  • Ban dihydrogen monoxide!
  • Allow dihydrogen monoxide to continue causing problems

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I had a bad dihydrogen monoxide incident earlier.

Waitress accidentally brought me some instead of another beer.

Damn you @Deckoz, if that s2000 is black I will find you


Man that’s so clean looking. It was my dream car for far too long :cry:

s2020 sounds nice


I’ll always remember the s2000 fondly. Saw it at the LA Auto show with my dad when it was announced. It was the first push to start car I saw. Made my next few cars seem pathetic with archaic turning keys.


“Pfft…shoes, This guy and shoes… f* shoes!” -Dane Cook

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its not a very well written article. he didn’t proofread it…

“When the board was checked, there were visible melting.”

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Nice Honda bro gotta love the look of those s2000s. What motor is in it, h22? About 15 years ago I had a Toy 22RE pick up built a custom intake to run a make shift turbo I plucked from a junk yard and fitted some hooker headers. Put 200k on the truck myself ended up selling her still kicking at 300k. but she kept up with the s2000, blew out civics and small block mustangs no problem. But that was a lifetime ago. Now I’m all about watts and amps instead of Torque and HP. these days I drive a Dodge Cummins that can’t make a rt turn to save it’s life and an over priced geo metro/2018 Hyundai Elantra that pretends to be fast. but that’s Parenthood and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I spend more money on diapers, wipes, and shampoo per month though than I’ve ever spent on my Esk8 or projects for my businesses. Lol nice car though bro keep the dream alive lol

@Dirt_Bag you have no idea how many articles I read that makes it into my news feed with all kinds of errors. I can admit I have errors all the time in my day to day comments. But I’m also not trying to be a professional reporter or blogger or whatever they call it these days. It’s a lack of work ethic.

The irony is very strong here.