Items for sale; Hummies, Kegels, VESCs, etc - CLOSED!

2x Hummie hub motor - wires reinforced - 190€ (total) bought from monkey32 ( They’re currently mounted on Avenue Suspension Trucks but can be easily removed. The Trucks would add another 70€ (Shipping from the US was expensive and import-tax wasn’t cheap either)

2x v4.12 VESCs from DIY Electric Skateboard - 200€ (total) - sold bought from WARMAN They had the faulty 2.18 Firmware, so the DRVs fried. B4Me was kind enough to replace them and also upgrade some other Components to the chaka standard. They’re both tested and working and are running the patched 2.18FW. Currently they’re connected via canbus and are hooked-up to a bluetooth module via UART. Please note that the battery-connectors are cut off.

2x Orangatang Kegels dyed black, including ABEC-9 Bearings - 40€ (total) Diameter: 80mm Contact Patch: 56mm Durometer: 83a dyed using “Rit Dye Powder-Black”

4x Flureon 3S 11.1V 90C 2200mAh - 50€ (total) They’re compact (43x95x18mm each) and claimed to be able to output almost 200Amps each. One of them is reshrinked in black PVC and they’re currently stetup as two 3S2P Packs. The Smart Guard 2 is also included

Will pm you about the VESCs!

lmao love the traditional kingpins very sexy

whoever bought the vescs, mind sharing one with me :stuck_out_tongue: @jackw maybe ?

Sorry guys but I changed my mind and will continue to build this Board

Nice! Im going to try something similar with freebord.