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Hey guys,

I am traveling loads atm and came back after 14 days to a payment for a battery being disputed…happens.

Anyways I am home for the week and have alle the stuff to make 2 10s 4p batterie packs.

2 flier 120A switches 2 16A balance only BMS’S 2x 60A Fuses 2x5x2.1 chargeports 2X3Meter AWG10 wire 2x30cm jst plugs 2x XT90 battery connectors 1 roll of 900ish grams of 8x0.1 Nickel Pure 1 roll 30m 220mm heatshrink 1 roll of braided copper and 80 brandnew in Box Q30 cells 1 charge indicator lcd

Looking for 500$


Would you be willing to sell just the batteries and braided copper? If so, how much would you want for them?

I would prefer to ship only 1 box.

just curious do you just need a solder and everything above and you’ll be good to build the battery?

You need a Spotwelder and soldering iron. I do have a microwave transformer spotwelder I wont be needing but its kinda rough around the edges lol

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ah okay thanks!



Yay! More batteries! Thanks @bimmer!