It's been a month since I paid. Suggestions?

I want to preface this topic by saying that I have done my best to be polite with this whole situation but it’s starting to get rather obnoxious.

I recently purchased two hub motors from @jacobbloy


It’s been a full month as of yesterday that I sent the money and he told me he’d be sending me the tracking number and I haven’t heard anything from him yet.

I reached out to him 4 times since on esk8 and even pm him on Facebook and still no response.

To be honest, I’m surprised this happened because from what I’ve read @jacobbloy seem quite trust worthy.


I’m using the motors for a school project that’s time sensitive and therefore my team requires the motors soon.

I’m fairly new here so I’d like to know the standard procedure to deal with people who don’t follow through on their agreements.

Should I expect a refund???

What do you guys suggest?

Any info would be highly appreciated.

Edit: this picture was removed in order to protect the address of this user


Let me guess, senior design?

yeah actually

Lol, figures. You can do 2 things. Pray you’ll get some timely delivery on the hubs, or be proactive and find alternatives in the immediate area. I suggest prowling the craigslist classifieds and see if you can part out a board.

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i recommend you edit that picture to not include your address. just a few hours away from me :thinking:

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He’s still around??? Still waiting for my remote i paid for amost 2 years ago


Trust worthy?

You mean, the guy who 100’s of people filed paypal claims againsty, putting him over 100,000 in debt to paypal?

He created some cool designs, but never really carried through with very much.


I have a pair of pretty shitty Chinese hub motors. It’s the winboard special. They have a knack for shutting out momentarily when you hit a bump. I can send them your way for like 40 bucks plus shipping.


Because another user is reporting this, I would file chargeback against him immediately, and if you used PayPal Friends&Family, you’re screwed.

unfortunately i was too patient and missed the window for a chargeback go by… so instead i bitch and moan about it every time i can.

He had a bunch of projects at the same time… never seen one finished


So why does this guy still have an active account?

i’m wondering the same thing…

@AlexTech took $4k

this dude took $100k?!?!? @treenutter?

I believe that you have the PayPal buyer protection for 45 days so you can still issue a refund, based on things written above you might unfortunately not be successful.

I didn’t know he was still selling…


I was told not to order anything from him a long time ago.


Apparently, it needs to be a flair attached to his account.


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i used to be able to edit people’s titles. I was an admin once. Then Jason made me a mortal, so now i can’t do that kind of thing.

I made somebody the Master Pulley Creator or something like that back when they made me a bunch of pulleys. I’m sure that was likely the flagrant abuse of power that descended me from heaven. Or maybe it was just some simple account house cleaning.


I am a bit into headphones as well. I am on a forum where we buy and sell a lot. Each time we either sell or buy, we make a little note in the thread that has the person we were dealing with name. Sort of like: “just bought a dac from xxx. Communication was good and fast. Everything as agreed on. Dac arrived in one piece. Would buy from xxx anytime again.” That way we can check who we are dealing with before we buy from anybody. Maybe this would be an idea here? Sellers would also write about there experience with the buyer.


Maybe a list of trusted sellers who continue to follow through and be trustworthy is a good idea for those looking to purchase…a per-screening if you will…

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That makes it hard to start selling. We should not discourage that