It's been a month since I paid. Suggestions?

Bro this is a solid idea

Thats not discouraging, it’s prizing those who have followed through, it’s being positive, verses negative…I have purchased from more than a few forum members and to be honest my experience has been awesome…they reply, answer questions, have awesome products and they ship faster than I expected…why can we not list them and voice our experiences? how in the world does that discourage new ones? lol

If you can’t get refund from paypal, contact credit card company and file report. I got my money back from paypal that i paid as friend and fam. it takes a while like 3 month

@wtkumar sorry to hear about the bad luck. We will assess @jacobbloy’s status. I’m closing the thread per our forum guideline about vendor complaints, but feel free to post if you get a result. Hopefully it’s a good one.

@evoheyax I didn’t know the the extent of the loss, thx for sharing.

Given that you are on a deadline and the seller is unresponsive, I’d suggest ordering from a different vendor. Does @torqueboards still have hub motors?