I've searched, but still need *hub motors, for Penny Board Trucks. Plug and play. Pics inside

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Want a CLEAN HUB MOTOR setup SUGGESTION and ESC , Will be spot welding my own battery, Or possibly using lipoly

  1. Dont want to change trucks * i like the look
  2. Hoping to retain stock trucks (i can machine grind etc the trucks down if axles are not long enough- )
  3. I’m hoping the axles are long enough- they generally go all the way through these days,?)
  4. Needs to be orange or red wheels. Current are 69MM
  5. Need a suggestion for a cheap small esc unit and remote

will be soldering all wires directly, minimalist style. permanently wired batteries. Possibly not even a BMS *i’ll manually top off cells every 10th charge so they all are within the proper ranges. 10s 2p will fit in the middle with space for the ESC and allow flexing when I use shoe goop to hold cells. Pack will be flexible

I’m not trying to break land speed records, just a neat board to go between work campuses on.

https://wowgoboard.com/collections/new-theme/products/esc-for-wowgo-2s for esc?? 47%20PM

You’re limiting yourself very much by trying to use those trucks. Most hub setups come on trucks already. You can probably keep the front ones you like but back should just be a truck swap.

Sadly there is no plug and play. And small motors are not efficient and don’t have strength to move you uphill.

Your best bet is:




Hummie hubs

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I didn’t mean plug and play actually. I just meant ones that slide on and bolt down. So those wowgoboard trucks/ wheels are more powerful then the ones I have screenshots of from AliExpress? Crap. Love the stock trucks.

Unfortunately using hubs means you have to use their less then ideal rear truck or grind the hell out of your truck to fit it. With some grinding, you could fit the maytech hub you posted. It’s not that bad, search YouTube for a video.

Maybe this 70mm hubmotor kit:

Or this 70mm hubmotor:

Can I ask why you want to run hub motors?

I’ve successfully ran belt drive on those trucks, although I’ve since upgraded to calibers

I don’t like the look of belt drive. I don’t understand what part of the trucks are plastic. they are all aluminum 38%20AM