Jacob hub or maytech hub, which is better?

Which one of them of is better, in terms of less current and larger torque? I suppose in this case the magnetic field strength (T) is the main concern here.

Edit: I am 65 kg and I’ll have to encounter a maximum around 11% gradient.

If you want less current, less heat and the ability to climb hills then forget about hub motors and do a belt drive. The advantage of gear reduction is real!

I do know that belt drive is better in this case. but I am 65kg and The maximum gradient I’ll have to encounter is around 11% which I believe hubs are still applicable at this point

Hub motors have inherent problems. Heat builds up in the motor and can’t disapate because there is a blanket of urethane wrapped around it. So the urethane gets hot and loosens on the motor. There is not a lot of urethane covering the motor so it does not absorb as much of the road shock which can eventually wear out the bearings in the motor if you ride on rough roads or sidewalks with wide cracks. I’m just giving you a few things to think about. Personally, I would not build a hub motor board for climbing hills. Flat riding on smooth roads, maybe.

This is why I’m building a carvon like motor “indirect drive” as they say It would ultimately solve all the problems The reason I am choosing either of these motor other than other aftermarket ones is becoz these motors are made for hubs, eg stronger magnets, more poles pairs, which are way better than normal 7pole outrunners


Carvon is not indirect drive. It is direct drive. Belt drive is indirect drive. And even Carvon type motors get hot and I have had the bearings start to come apart from rough riding conditions.

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I think I got the wrong word there lol Anyways carvon are using sk3s and that’s why they have 7 pole pairs Theirs motors are more race / speed type as shown in their ads, which doesn’t suit my use More specifically, I’m building something like carvon V3

Ya, I misunderstood you slightly. I remember that the Jacob hubs had more poles. I don’t know how that affects the heat issue. It will affect the ERPM limit issue

V3 does seem to be a big improvement over the earlier versions. At least it appears to solve the load issues

Hopfully stronger magnets and more pole pairs solves he heat problem Hub motor has to withstand more rough conditions, which is true. Even for direct drive like carvon But the question is still here Which magnets are stronger? Maytech or carvon?

I do a lot of hill climbing so I have pretty much given up on any type of hub motors even though they look very cool and stealthy.

Any comment on jacob/hummie/maytech hubs? Your comments would definitely help

I wish I could but I have had no experience with those.

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I have single Maytech hub, wanted to test it against my single 6355. While it is very easy to set up, there are heat issues for sure. Even on almost flat ground it heats up very quickly. I am just over 70 kg. I found the single 6355 to run much cooler and performance to better than the hub. Both Tested on 10s.

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