Jacob's Dual Hubs / VESCs / 10s3p 5,1 Ah LIPO / Benchwheel Remote / Drop Through Deck

Here are some pics of my first build.

Winning remote/receiver and a XT 90 anti spark key

I had the lipos already used in a RC Buggy and I charge it with a dual charger.

The board rides great, just the Remote I dont trust and I will change it to the Benchwheel remote. Weight is 7.15 kg.


Somebody asked me about the Lipos:

Turnigy nano-tech 5100mah 2S3P 65~135C Hardcase Saddle Pack

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So, a 10s pack with over 10ah capacity and capable of delivering over 650amps continuous! So much Power and so compact! Nice!!!

Assuming that you have those ten 2s packs connected in series and parallel.

Nice build! Love the batteries. What is the enclosure made out of? @yaca

No unfortunately it’s just a10s3p with 5100 mAh. Each pack is 1s/3,7V. I took them because I already had 3 Saddle Packs and just had to buy 2 more.

It’s made of Kevlar/Carbon Fiber (from HK) on a wooden frame.

Here from the inside:

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For completeness here is a picture without battery:

The deepness is 12mm for the battery and 8mm for the VESCs. The board is 16mm and still just has a little bit of flex. The battery is made do have flex.


Nice build and note your comments that the multi lippo setup does alow a degree of flex.

Out of interest would you have used different batteries if you did not already have the ones you used?

How have you got along with jacobs hubs?


About the batteries I don’t know. Last ride I reached 12,3 km and filled in 4300mAh. Could be a greater distance but still fine for me.

About Jacob’s hubs I’m really satiesfied. They run quiet and smooth and have a lot of torque. I would like to try them in FOC mode, but I’m afraid to blow the VESCs. Because of known problems I did some modifications:

These are 3mm metal pins from Bearings instead of worm screws.

I epoxied these inserts made of brass and glued also the urethane on the rotor. No problems so far!

I’d like to give 90mm wheels a try. I think the ride would be more comfortable on rough roads. I will try it with Trampa Stickies 90mm 76a but they are not available now.


more info about your new thane please :slight_smile:

It’s not ready yet. Just took the second wheel/rotor out of the oven. I glued the urethane on the rotor with epoxy with 70°C about 45min. Btw. I didn’t use trampa stickies, cause they were not available for a long time, so I ordered flywheel clones from the EU GB, but this is another long story. I liked to have the wheels 56mm wide (front and motor), so I had to use 6 wheels to get 4 out of them. The diameter of the urethane on the motor is 91mm. It was pretty difficult to work on the wheels, because the urethane is so soft. Soon I will post some more informations and pictures.


Just did the first ride. :grinning: Wow it’s so smooth compared to the original 83 mm wheels. Hope soon I will have time for a longer trip.


Take care of your magnets and don’t go for higher temperatures than that. At some point they will start to loose their magnetic strength.

You’re right. 70°C should be alright without harming the magnets.

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Here are some pictures. I changed also the Winning remote to a Benchwheel.


Great timing on that development , let us know for how long it stays stuck to the metal. Feel free to checkout the thread I started on this and the potential buyers they might prefer your option better.

I’m confident that the gluing will hold, if not I will tell you. If anybody wants to make their wheels like I did, I will give advices, but for the most people your option would be the easier way.

You did a professional job, I just tried so many epoxies I lost hope in all of them. I ride a lot and even with the .4mm sleeve and epoxy I got issues between 500 and 1000 miles or riding.

I hope this new design idea passes the 1,000 mile mark. So far the motors have been remarkable they are still tight, but they look like they came back from a war zone.

Update: Now I’m using FOC. For this reason I built in hall sensors and use Focboxes. I also changed to @ackmaniacs fw 3.1. and use his android app. Everthing works perfect and FOC is a dream.


How is this board holding up? Hall sensors still in place?