Janky pack numbers

So, the original pack I built, was a nightmare. I made an oval PVC tube that fit to the front bicycle tube. Obviously, it was all over the place, to create series packs. With some continuing across a fair distance. I built it all with hot glue, and when finished, built a frame to strengthen. Then inserted it into the PVC tube. Lucky just to get 65 cells in there, I couldn’t fit a bms.

All this to say, a 48v 5 par pack with wildly different resistances throughout, gave me these numbers, when I dismantled the pack. About ten dead. One that the cell read 9.75v, huh? The rest, varied between 3.8 and 4.1. After 2 years of charging and using. Then being left in the elements for months. Now perhaps I charged to 80%, and so I didn’t go out far enough to create a bomb. And didn’t drop lower than 35ish percent charge.

So, not using a bms of any kind, they stayed between 3.8 and 4.1 . These were GA cells. This might have been fine, but I was always worried that they were too far apart. And that they would blow up when on charger.

So, I guess the moral of the story is, kids don’t try this at home. Anyway, an interesting experiment.

To update. Even though they range in the GOOD voltage, they seem to be dead and wont go higher. So, leave out a bms, buy new pack soon.