Jason Potter & Nelson Soalheira | Live Chat | 14.03.2021- 9pm Paris/ 15.03.2021 6am AEST Brisbane

Howdy folks, if you have nothing better to do on the 15/03 at 6 am Australian time, you should definitely come & watch this live chat. I think it’s going to be fun. The audience can also submit questions too.

The host is a guy called NELSON SOALHEIRA - this guy is really inspiring to me because he is so dedicated to talking about the fun & joy of electric skateboarding and sharing that with everyone. He is a very fun guy and I look forward to talking with him.

Here is the link to the upcoming video stream on youtube


Is that when you are going to release your new groundbreaking ESC design?

What have you done for esk8 industry lately? Seriously?

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Woah, I was just trying to get some more info on this new ESC everyone’s talking about. Not everything is a personal attack potsie

…We found ourselves a troll with Alzheimer’s …

Literally your last comment before the clearly sarcastic one in this thread was a personal attack…

Hence my question,

What have you done for esk8 industry lately?

Contrary to popular belief, trolling people on the internet is not helping the esk8 industry.



What about your new ESC is innovation? Is it even “more simple” lol? I’m still at a loss to find anything helpful you have done.