JayKay kickstarter


Can someone explain the motor structure in this kick starter video and images shown in the campaign? It looks like a bunch of Copper shoved into a cylindrical shape… normally you see teeth and the wire windings… right? Am i missing something or does this Kickstarter read BS all over the place…? Also I they are shoving urethane onto a HUB with no grooves so i imagine major slippage will occur unless the urethane is epoxied. Edit i see the grooves now but still seems like a not so real campaign.

I think they made a typo on the range of 12KM…it should read 12M…:wink:


It looks like an iron-less stator. Makes it super smooth with no cogging but also will be very low magnetic strength and low torque. It looks like they’re going downhill and don’t even talk of speed or torque or power. That battery😳…its smaller than a tootsie roll. It would make sense to be a single cell with what is likely a very high kv due to no iron. Definately super low power

Thanks for educating me :slight_smile: Interesting concept, iron-less stator… who would of thought.

I don’t understand how it works with no on-off switch. And how do the motors communicate? Makes no sense to me, interesting idea but there is no way it can be practical.

I more opened this for conversation regarding legitimacy for some of their claims. My honest opinion is yes, this has to be a scam or the most unreliable system ever. Normal hubs after stress from my rides have shown the trucks so hot I could barely touch them so imagining the batteries being inside of them would either shut down the electronics or blow up… (Maybe not blow up but shut down first). I don’t imagine those cells surviving the heat dissipation that will occur from the hubs under a 1% incline. :slight_smile:

Ah okay, thanks for the links. # mod close thread please. I will pose my questions to the other ones open. :slight_smile:

I don’t think anyone on this forum would be dumb enough to actually purchase a set of these trucks, we are simply having a discussion about the technology that is being used. None of us are going to “fall for it”.

Knowing Kickstarter they’ll probably make hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Since it has a completely hollow hanger with no axle it’s gotta be a deadly scam. that smoking guy could be the bad guy in a movie.


How do u know it’s silicone? From what I remember silicone isn’t very durable and not a good material for a wheel

The hollow axle doesn’t look like a much larger diameter than a standard truck and surely in comparison to a solid hanger with a steel 8mm axle in the center it must be much weaker. From my looking into making things hollow with a larger diameter it seemed doing so increased the stiffness but not the toughness and if a load is big enough it won’t bend but snap.

I don’t get where the ESC is located and how it is capable of delivering the required currents. I mean my cables in my builds alone are basically using the same space as this entire setup

LOL I noticed that too!! this board breaks all the laws of physics.