JCR Hover E Skateboard - controlled by your mind! NO REMOTE! 🤔

I’ll just leave this here…


Must come with a special helmet with built in electrodes. Price point $6000?

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this is funny, https://www.instagram.com/p/BNnv6RmAqeo/?taken-by=jcr_board, seems to accelerate on the motion of the board, you can see the dude thrusting his board to change direction.

medical bill

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Lol …

I’m very curious of the system they are using

I’m sure whatever bizarre control scheme they’re using isn’t prone to signal misinterpretation or sudden loss of intended function or anything like that. /s


I imagined something like this back in the regular kick board days…

but you are putting your trust and life in the hands of what ever sensors and programming they used. and their website doesn’t even work so… :head_bandage:


If I see any on you guys on one of these Im gonna ride up right beside you and think terrrible things about you and watch you face plant…really. No, not really, but thats freekin stupid.


Yes,There are sensors in the motherboard inside the board.just the familar technology as hoverboard.So it’s much safer,much easier,and much fun than normal Eboard with remote. I am the PM of JCR. We will go on kickstarter soon. Follow me @jcr-board on instagram,and get more information.:grinning: Any other questions,please let me know.

The webside is under construction. Will be OK next week.:sunglasses::grin:

It does not need the remote controller. You can control the forward and backward by intuitive control. The board will go when lean forward, to stop by lean backward. If you jump off or fall off from JCR skateboard by accident, the board will stop immediately.

Even if you ride skateboard at your first time, do not worry, you have never experienced the electric skateboard that can bring such a simple and pleasant feeling. This is the world’s first truly intuitive control skateboard that incorporates gravity-sensing technology in a hoverboard. Furthermore, JCR board is safer, simpler, more practical, and more fun than a hoverboard and other e-skateboard. You can learn how to ride very well in less than 5 minutes. You can control the body’s tilt angle to easily control the speed of the slide, the maximum speed is up to 20 km / h. In the event of an emergency, you are off the skateboard and the JCR board will stop to protect you.

JCR Board allows you to experience that you can control the board by your mind and the body, there is the feeling of flying. It is safer, more free and more fun than the skateboards with remote control.

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Sorry but there is already a tread on this board

The problem with balance control motion is that if you got hit by something, you will naturally balance your self and that might put the eboard in a behaviour that the rider might not want. At some point it’s just not really safe in my opinion.


Thanks for your good questions. It’s easy to solve. In our firmware,The speed don’t change fast according to your balance,so it is really not a question.:grinning: We have invited many ESK8 players to test JCR. All of them feel very good, fun,free,and easy.will update many videos on youtube later.

Welcome more questions.:slight_smile:

So i guess it measures the weight on the axles to identify if there is more weight on the front or the back. Hoverboard lean angle doesn’t make sense to me when the board can’t lean. So the only thing to identify what the rider wants is the weight difference on the axles. But maybe my imagination for other solutions isn’t strong enough.

It is great to see that there are new ideas. But when i think about it then i think that you will concentrate more on your body balance. And i guess it could be very disturbing during carving. Next thing is the max speed. So i think it will find it’s place for those who would buy a Hoverboard and are satisfied with it. But for DIY esk8 people the performance would be :sleeping:

If this accelerates by weight on front/back, then its super counter intuitive, as acceleration makes your body weight go back, but you want it to go front to accelerate. Same problem when trying to brake.

That looks pretty much like my theory. And i guess the acceleration and brake force is no problem when it does that very soft. https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t50.2886-16/15376243_1735526540101474_8708921670183682048_n.mp4

Most of the their other videos are not representative because they are played in fast forward.

That’s a pretty large claim. To be frank with you, I won’t believe it until I see some serious tests, way more than a fancy video like that, maybe eve by some of the regulars on here.

On a side note, when did this forum become such a hotspot for the newest kickstarter esk8’s to advertise? I was under the impression that most of us mostly built our boards…thus the “builders” part of the URL…

Well that wasn’t impressive…I guess if you liked the “hoverboards” then maybe? But i though those were gimmicks, so I don’t see much of a difference here besides having 4 wheels on the ground…

This is an old idea. Remember the boards that had the sensor pads on the deck. I’ll stick with my hand remote thank you.

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Yes,this world need new ideas.:grin: For your question: concentrate more on your body balance,you can think about how we walk? we concentrate on our walking when walk? You can see the feel on the video you just posted.(the boy play basketball),you will know it’s same as walking.On the other hand,when you use remote controller,you must concentrate more on your speed control from remote.