Jeancarlosmosq's build thread

Hello. I’m not sure how to start a thread, it’s my first time on the site. I am looking to build my first electric longboard. I am 6’1 weigh 220lbs. I am looking to build a longboard using the Bustin Nomad 36 inch. Other than that I don’t know what parts would go with this board to achieve 25 mph with a charge of at least 20 miles. All tips and advice is appreciated. Would also appreciated someone letting me know how to start my own thread. Thanks in advance. .

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Welcome to esk8 builders. The most important rule is: READ A LOT BEFORE MAKING A THREAD. Second rule:USE SEARCH FUNCTION. Only after you have a specific idea of parts, you can make a thread because there are tons already made, so just read.


I’ve read around but I don’t know how to put all these different parts together.

man, you only joined 33min ago and you said you read around? here you go: read this

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I joined that long ago but I’ve been on the site for while now.

You’ve only been here 40minutes read some more

I think he’s been looking for longer but only made an account 40mins ago

Don’t wanna interrupt this thread but his questions can be answered by using the search function

You can use that calculator to have an idea of parts to use to reach a certain speed and range :

As a newbie, the easiest option to buy parts is to buy a kit from https://

As the others said, a lot of posts exist on this forum and you should be able to find a lot of info here.

This is diy lol, dont expect us to spoon feed you information. Use the search function to read and learn.

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