Jed Board Missing Refund - Possible scam

Refund from Jedboard has been missing for 5 months, story in link.

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Vendor bashing rule mentioning in 3…2…1


The “vendor bashing” is done outside the realm of this forum…

But maybe the mod could keep a close eye on this… in case it goes off the rail.

Is posting the facts of my situation really vendor bashing though


Well doesn’t everyone who has a bad thing to say about a vendor believe they are in the right?

I do hope this gets resolve for you. :+1:

You rarely hear about vendor praising but second one thing doesn’t happen people start coming out of the wood work.

Atleast we got the boa wheels out of them.

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The reason vendor bashing is typically a problem is because the whole truth is rarely told and you rarely hear both sides of the story before things divulge into a Witch Hunt.

*not saying this is the case with you or anything like that.


This shouldn’t be considered vendor bashing. It’s valuable. He’s potentially warning others before they too fall victim.

Jed boards is a scam. They’ve been “pre-selling” for over 2 years. No one will actually see a jed board, they’re unicorns.



They got enough time to do interviews.

It is Chinese new years over there right now…hopefully they get a response soon!

In all seriousness…is this your issue or something you found on reddit?

I feel like if we just post a bunch of bad gas from vendors as seen on reddit…we should just become reddit.

If a user on this forum has an issue with a vendor, we have rules and avenues to get things resolved.

I get trying to warn people about possible scams, but at this point, unless it is YOUR issue, its just cluttering the DIY forum

Yep this is my reddit post. Im not trying to make any claims yet just want to state the facts of my situation and hopefully get my voice heard by jed because apparently not even there brand ambassador can get them to contact me after months of trying.


Agreed. 10char


@moone, @mynamesmatt

Guys name is Jed Bogan for fucks sake. Would you have given him money? Hes in Bali on a beach with 25 ounces of ice and a crack pipe.


This is not bashing in my opinion…I myself was interested in Jed and have been happy I decided to stay away. But you Deposited $2000 to his account directly for something that hasnt ever been made??? Bruh… you gotta cover your ass somehow. I really hope you get your money or board.

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Precisely. It’s fit to keep open for now. Just try to stick to the facts.


MAN… that is really not a smart move, he should go to Canada Ice is pretty cheap here. I got a least a ton for free this year.


Its mid summer here right now but its starting to snow quite heavily.


@dareno yeah i know @Purewinter personally and we’ve been talking in our group chat about the refund for ages. He knows he dun goofed but he fact of the matter is that this guys been involved in previous scams and i think people should be aware of this. he’s literally stolen $2560 from him at this point, promising a refund and after that, conveniently not replying to his messages. hmmm seems pretty sus to me!


He has literally been hawking that thing for ages with no result. I have a local here that put his money into it after meeting Jed and yet to receive. I met this guy at a carpark while waiting for my son to finish rugby training. I was flying round the area on my carbon build and he asked me where I got it. I told him I built it and he asked me who I was. Evolve or enertion or someone new. I said just a builder mate. He was like what? You can do that? That was 18 months ago and I’m damn sure he still hasn’t got his Jedboard because he hit me up on face book asking for a build. Shame on you Jed. Fuck these guys for taking advantage of the industry in its infancy. @Purewinter Matt good on you for opening this thread and don’t be scared of the no vendor bashing rule, its there to stop the forum getting filled up with complaints regarding late deliveries and such. General mail order issues that all vendors suffer from. Genuine problems regarding scamming bastards should be aired and its good for the community in general. Trust me on this if you had crossed any line with this thread then @treenutter would have let you know. Hes our collective conscience


Just to let u guys know Jeremy Bogan is @Esk8hubs

Not his first shady rodeo

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