Jed electric boards Skip to 3:40 Just found this and thought you all would just get blown away at what this company JED is making. An all wheel system with sensored motors that work like true AWD and the trucks sense the weight distribution of the rider to assist with traction control from what it looks like. The motors are connected to the wheels with a geared setup with no belts, like woa. This thing looks sick

polyester spur gear drive with maytech motors it looks like.

Looks pretty DIY to me. too early to call it a company

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look at those wheels… its never even been ridden…

Don’t spur gears need to be lubricated for high RPMs and loads?

Looks very DIY still. Also for the weight sensing thing, wouldn’t it be easier to use a gyroscope for adjusting the power curve?

Definitely DIY, pretty impressive to say the least unless this is a comonn build and some of the expert DIYers have done this before??? I’ve been reading a ton of the builds here and hadn’t seen somethin like this created yet. He’s possible using a gyroscope for balanced traction or some other form of pressure sensors that output depending on the weight put on the board to trucks. Probably why there is a fairly thick spacer between the trucks and board.

I’ve got 3 boards in front of me and looks like the same wear and tear :). Are you seeing something different?

A hall sensor on each side of the deck next to the motors could serve as a distance sensor for truck movement, which would give four signals for throttle scaling. Ir lasors get dirty and weight sensors degrade and fail with vibration. Slim sensors under the grip wont get reliable data because of foot movement. I dont know about the telemetry maths, but getting the physical data reliably for traction control is an interesting challenge. Nice find.


I agree it’s gotta be super hard/ difficult to get accurate data but man if it works, this would be so much fun.

Actually… thinking deeper, the movement from running over a rock could throw the system out of sync and jump the throttle a few percent on each bump with hall sensors. Setting up the delay and sensitivity would be tough. What about a wireless proximity sensor worn on the belt to get center of gravity location reletave to the xy center of the board?

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Didn’t you guys listen, the spur etc. is going to be metal in final production, not polyester/nylon as it is on their prototypes. Looks good but just seems a bit overkill to me. I like the use of the Tesla batteries though, I might think about that for my board.

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Nothing is overkill till everyone has perfect safety(ishness) and the illusion of gliding on air. Except spinning rims, that might be science going too far.

I don’t see why you would use direct drive gears instead of just hub motors… Hubs don’t require gears or a motor mount, which is yet another cost on an already expensive board (due to 4wd).

Also, that app seems dangerous. I’ve thought of similar ideas of how I can incorporate gps into my app, but telling people to take road that they don’t know the quality of is dangerous IMO. That’s how you end up hitting a pothole on a road you don’t know while looking at your phone to navigate. Honestly, you should get familiar with the roads on your riding routes, and if you need to navigate, pull over and check the maps.

I can’t speak of everywhere, but 40% of the roads here if SF or maybe more are not ridable on a street electric skateboard, due to the extremely poor quality (or if you can, you must ride at slow speeds and be light footed over the potholes, and deal with the extra wear and tear your putting your board through).

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Oh , I found their site. I don’t know how but it’s priced under 2k… Questionable but if they can do it and it’s quality work… Take my money

@evoheyax same here in the UK, most roads around me are terrible and full of boarding dangers, that’s why I’m thinking of changing my setup to 100-120mm scooter wheels!

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Would it be possible to create some editable wikipedia style overlay onto Google maps that could rate and color code road quality for ESk8ing? So when we pull up a map route, we could select the car, bike, bus, walking or ESk8 option and select the fastest route or the smoothest route. And when we find good or bad roads, we can update the maps. That would be cool.

That would be crazy cool. I think this is only really practical for major cities though. There’s too many little cities with little to no riders to make it practical for everywhere. Even like my neighborhood in sf, has very little riders. But I will see if this is possible. I have some friends that work at google down in san jose, and they come to my school very frequently. Maybe I could convince them to adopt this :stuck_out_tongue:

I can try creating one, but everyone would have to chime in a bit to put their road conditions.

Well, a downside of the Jed Board is that it only goes 20 km/h or 12mph. Edit: 12mph is the slowest mode. You can change modes and traction changes as well because of the weight sensors around the trucks. Pretty sick.