Jed electric boards

We’re pretty excited about what we can do with this setup. In our hill and torque tests which we will reveal more of soon we’ve seen unbelievable power and traction.

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30km/h is pretty slow…:frowning:

But safe for beginners

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It’s actually really quite fast. It’s over 8 metres per second.

Safety is a huge factor we have to take into consideration when making a product like this. Our traction control system ensures adequate grip to the road at all times.

All Jed Boards come with a helmet bundled. We take safety extremely serious.


Just a quick update in case anyone is interested. We’ve just started machining our pre production gears, i’ll be posting some videos up in the next week. From here we’ll start testing them in the field and in the lab, our aim is to build a gear drive that lasts for at least 2 years with daily riding.

YES! dude I have been thinking about it for a long time, the google-maps addon would be the best, there would be like different choices for 1WD, 2WD and 4WD, bumps n stuff, green-yello-red road quality, traffic, and a simple app where you’d just tap some buttons to ‘record’ the type of road you’re riding at the moment with GPS tracking, or so, just what came into my head. It would track you all along and mark it, roughly spoken. Would be cool if some IT student would bother to make it as a grad project

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Happy holidays everyone. Thought i’d just post a quick update in case anyone is interested. We’ve just got the first of our pre-proudction pieces back from our machine shop.

Aluminium motor mounts

Helical gears

The gears are the hardest to make and require a lot of calculations in order to ensure they mesh and the forces being applied when braking don’t shred them. We’ve tested a number of different materials over the last 6 months and have settled on something that has so far proven its worth.


Looks pretty sweet. I’d love to hear what these sound like at full RPM with and without weight.

I’ll record some videos so you can hear how quiet they are :slight_smile:

Here’s what it sounds like with 3D printed polyester gears. Mind you these aren’t perfectly aligned, etc. Once we mount up the new gears and mounts, everything will be aligned and the noise will be reduced by about 80-90%, so you should only hear road noise plus the motors.

Why do I see loads of people riding in flip flops!? Don’t you care about the well-being of your toes!? Lol


Because in Singapore its damn hot :slight_smile: normally i’ll wear shoes when riding though, I happened to not be on this particular day :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t sound bad. :slight_smile: Thanks for the vid.!!

Here they are in metal. The plastic cover is over the gears, but there’s a few small tweaks needed to get it humming along right. Much work to go yet to refine them, but thought for anyone interested here’s how they sound right now. Lots of power on just a single motor.

The noise is mostly because of some friction against the plastic casing we printed a while back for the gear covers. We’ll be making a more refined version of this shortly.

Thanks for the updates, doesn’t sound great but doesn’t sound horrible. I get more noise from the road here in the crappy streets of so cal. (Santa Ana specifically)

Still more refining to go

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More updates. We’ve got our dual carbon steel gears mounted up and have started further testing. We made some changes to the gears and re-milled another set. Slightly tighter tolerances.


More refinements and our new production motors!


We’ve fitted our production motors and mounts to the board, made some software tweaks to our motor controller and have squeezed some additional torque from our existing battery pack. Here’s a video with the new mounts and motors running. A few more tweaks still to go, but we’ve reduced the noise considerably.


Here’s the board rolling with the power on to give you an idea of the resistance from our Jed Drive. This is only pushing once on a fairly flat surface.