Jelo with first setup

Hello, what is the best and cheapest motor and Battery(lipo) to get min. 35km/h a 20km distance. My weigh is 200lb

Whats the meaning of life? The question is about as broad


ROFL! :grin::grin: @stefik58. There are tons of build threads on here with a lot of information. You should do some more research before trying to get such broad stroke answers.

  1. Read and research what others have done (not done)

  2. What range/speed do you want (done)

  3. What is the budget?

  4. What is your skill level with DIY/what tools do you have access to.

  5. Find a similar build that someone has done and has a good explanatory thread that you can model after.

  6. Start a build thread

  7. A bunch of other steps.


here’s how @psychotiller sold me, word for word

'cept at the end, DD just held up a Six Shooter and said “This… you can trust…”


My budget is 200$ for motor and Battery

:rofl: This is awesome! Can’t stop laughing.


Although I am sure it is possible, 200$ is gonna be pretty difficult. At that point, you main as well just spend 400 to get a rebuild like meepo or something. My build, although it is a bit crazy, is ~1400$. Maybe either spend a little more money or just go for something prebuilt. It is difficult to get a non-motorized good longboard for less than 200.


The real crazy thing is $1400 is not that crazy.


very true! I have seen people in the upwards of $2000’s. It would be super cool to have a board like that, and someday hopefully when I graduate collage and have money, I will, but that is just insane! It would be awesome making one of the fully offload boards with 4WD and independent suspension. Those things are pretty bonkers!

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@stefik58 If I were you, I’d check out this article. It has some pretty good advice.

Love that shit dude too funny.

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