Jet driven e-sk8! What do you guys think?

Here is the reddit post! -

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:joy: What about top speed and torque?! GIVE US SOME DETAILS! :joy:

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I don’t know, it’s not mine :joy:… here’s the Reddit post though -

Just imagine this road debris cloud it will leave behind :smiley: He could easily just grab gas leaf blower and go for a ride without doing any conversion :joy:

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They are edf fans for that means no breaks! :head_bandage:

Yeah, I know my idea is better, with a leaf blower You cain point nozzle in the opposite direction :grin:

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I think he said that brakes kick in at 15 mph or more.

Pretty good idea for a cheap electric skateboard!

Oh… it wasnt that cheap lol. I’ll post a build thread when I have some footage of it riding (30 degrees here now). I think until someone figures out variable gearing for conventionally driven wheels, jets will be an easier way to get an esk8 to 60+mph. But I would hope that Jerry, evoheyax , or LHB proves me wrong bout that in 2017.

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Good luck! I thought it was a joke at first, but now I am seriously intrigued. It looks like something Wyle E. Coyte would build! Do you have any concerns about FOD damage? Jet engines have to survive a bird strike, so I am wondering how this will hold up to the rocks your monster of a board decides to ingest. Keep us posted!


I want to see some pulse jets now!

If you Google pulse jet skateboard it’s actually a thing you could buy. FOD is a real concern because you have a wheel throwing it up and a big vacuum cleaner trying to suck all the stuff off the ground :smile: I’ll put up a screen

Sincerely, EDF longboard it’s not a really “smart” idea. First of all any type of debri can break the EDFs, The “brake” or breaking range would be huge to come to a stop, thus it has to stop the Fans that are going at tremendous rpm,and that’s just to glide. To actually break the EDFs would have to start again in reverse to apply any type of breaking force. At that point you’ll have to bring binoculars to see where are you going to come to a stop :raised_hand:.

those two EDF Motors are just like vacuum cleaners…i wonder how many cm will he be able to ride before one of the motors die :)) better strap some wings on that baby

no ride video = doesn’t work

LOL, great for sweeping your sidewalk, nothing else. …

I wonder if the range is more on this or regular motors. @FredSaberhagen

the range will be significantly shorter due to the inefficiency of pushing air (maybe 60%). It’s also impractical for all the other reasons ppl mentioned. I just want to explore the idea and get some data. And reach 60+.

The edf fans whoud be loud as shit. Rip eardrums.