Jet powered esk8

other than tory from mythbusters, this is the only Jet powered board i know of.


Dude i saw that. he could go 35mph with that setup

Also chops, dices and mixes …

It could be yours with only two low payments


@Titoxd10001 It actually was really impressive no lie. Hacksmith is a really fun channel to follow. He’s making an iron man flying suit.

@Michaelinvegas …of $1449.99 Those Dr. mad thrust motors are expensive

I’ll take half a dozen…and put them on my tab :+1:t2:

Wouldn’t want to accident get my fingers and arms caught on those things :head_bandage:

I understand why he has his arms like that now I thought he was trying to fly but it’s for his fingers don’t get chopped off lol

Yeah I follow his channel he has some impressive builds.

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Wait, Isn’t it he who is jet powered and not the board? Should be “Jet powered man on a long board”.


You should be a lawyer


I think somebody posted a jet powered rod used for snowboarding and stuff a few days ago.

Title is misleading, It’s not jet powered, those aren’t jet turbines, they’re EDF motors (electric ducted fan).

It’s not every efficient either, 9 kilowatts and only 35mph?

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Pretty cool gadget, but for how smart this guy seems, he doesn’t seem to have the brains to protect…his brain. I like how he says he doesn’t know how to ride, then almost streets his face, and then tells us all how dangerous Lipo batteries can be, not even mentioning what an idiot he is for not wearing a helmet and damn near cracking his head open. I don’t get it. It’s not that hard.


He should learn how to footbreak or we gonna find him opening thread about incident soon…

This totally rivals the slapchop.

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LOL this video is great! I especially like the part where he has no Idea how to longboard but decided to strap 2 turbines to himself and go flat out.

I’ll just leave this here :slight_smile:

OMG he uses a quanum controller. Does he have death wishes? :head_bandage:

I like the idea, but not how this guy implemented it. Turbines (more like edf) strapped to the board could be fun, and braking would probably be smoother and less taxing on the esc (and no regen to ruin your freshly charged batteries). Also less parts that wear down from friction like chain/belt, sprockets/pulleys, drive wheels (my drive wheel always wears down faster than the other wheels).

They are very inefficient though…

It’s in the title ?