Jet Spud 29" enclosure

Hello guys, I’m designing an enclosure for the Jet Spud and I need some feedback to fnish the design.

  1. Would you rather have an enclosure for reverse mount motors or enclosure-side motor mounts? Take into consideration the reductio of wheelbase in case the enclosure is in the inwards position.

  2. Would you rather have a light-slim enclosure or a double stacked cells one

  3. Would you like a division between the cells and electronics or just big space for everything

  4. Would you mount ESCapes (taller enbclosure) or regular FocBoxes/DIY VESCs (slimmer enclosure)


I would like one that allows inward motor mounting as I think it takes the look away from the board with motors mounted in reverse. Also, double stack tickles my feathers a little more and dosnt add that much height, and it would allow the escape. Oh yeah, and one big pocket :blush:


@JLabs nailed it.

Yup, agree with @jlabs. The inward mount would add to the sleekness of the small deck. Necessary for a nice cruiser/short range build.

If you could make something like the one made by Unik but a bit thicker in the middle where it lowers a bit and maybe a few cm higher for the vesc part ill be your first customer for them if i have the money!

I’ll definitely do a symmetric one?

Might make two versions a thin-light one for small battery and a double stacked one, both for inward motor position.

Keep the feedback comming


Some spoilers on the design:


Inward motors, single row of cells.


Could you make the enclosure 7.5" wide? The Vruzend kit needs a little more space than usual.

I could try but the enclosure would be super wide with no flares to hold it in place.

You could go crazy and design a mounting system where you can click it on and off without screws.

Could be cool, and a huge success.

Topmount means risers for big wheels and lots of height for doublestack. But I feel spud builds beg to be light.

So both single and double?

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I agree with @JLabs as well I am would like a double stack for a nice big battery and escape fit as well

Yes, I’ll make two versions, but I’m concentrating on the first 1-layer version now.


The VRUZEND module has a width of 22mm:

So 8 cells could fit in parallel for a total of 176mm (6.93") my enclosure is 185mm wide, you could also fit 10 18650 cells instead with just glue and some fish paper.

Following with interest :wink: Definitely I will think about the double stack,dl due to the high of my battery pack with BMS. If you need an idea for the size I designed a bigger version of the Unik’s enclosure. You can find it here DIY Skateboard Spud Enclosure found on #Thingiverse (although I need to gain a bit of height by using two 3mm layers of gasket around the edges) Super curious to see the final result.

Yeah, 176mm is good, should be close enough. No point making it too wide.

I think reverse mounted for spuds with mtb trucks and forward for thane. Not sure if the compromise.

This thread has me kicking myself for not grabbing one of the Spuds from @JLabs while they were on sale :disappointed_relieved:


I found a layout where I could mount a 10s4p with dual Focbox and BMS on inwards motor mounting on a slim enclosure. This is going to be sick.

I’m sure @jlabs is going to get more soon