Jet Spud Alternative?

With the jet spud 29" being incredibly hard to get, what are some similar decks (about the same length and wheelbase)? bonus points for cheapo ebay decks for all us brokebois out here


Zenit Board, they have some nice small cruiser

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@JohnnyMeduse their boards are sick, every one

Not Jet Spud …but tons of low cost boards

I ordered 2 from this site. Nice and stiff. Perfect for boards. Came out to about $40USD each shipped

Check out

Edit 08/2918:. Please DON’T check out freebird, they have said they don’t like us and don’t want to sell to us.


oh shit! that’s a good idea! the blank maple deck is $50! and it’s 29"!

I’m doing a build with the 33 right now.

how’s the flex on it? i want to do a flat, full-length lipo pack

I haven’t actually skated it yet, but it seems pretty stiff.

Did you get the Maple or bamboo? It looks these are pre-drilled for the freeboard trucks?

Dang, these decks are nice! That rocket V2 looks just like a spud


I got the maple, they are pre-drilled. I’m re-gripping mine, with the enclosure you won’t see the holes.

i mean for 34" i might as well get the 33" potato

Even more difficult… Alternative to jet Spud in Europe??

Short board, long wheelbase, concave…

loaded truncated tesseract? much nicer concave than spud as well!


i think i’m gonna use my bluesky finch for now, until someone figures out where the hell the jet potato 29" can be procured. Let’s keep this thread going for everyone else though