Jobby Lane | Clutch Underdog | Carvon V2 Dual Hubs (ABEC 11s) | 18650 Battery Pack Undecided | Dual VESC

I run mine so far without FOC. I personally like the noise. Sounds bad ass :slight_smile:


I haven’t tried the Vesc. But I’ve been told that the Vesc can’t handle as much current as the TB 12s Esc. Although the TB isn’t as fine tunable as the Vesc, it can be adjusted enough with the program box so that it does fine. And a plus is that you can take the box in your pocket and make adjustments on the road. There is no quiet mode with the TB. And the motors sound like little jet engines. It’s a real head turner! Check the out the beginning of my video, you can hear the motor scream. It’s not as easy to fry the TB as it is with the Vesc. And you don’t have to wait months to get one. The Vesc is good if you want quiet or your using the space cell because of it’s limiting ability and if your riding mostly flat terrain. If you live around a lot of hills like I do, you might want to go with TB’s and 12s lipos

Holy…that board is a beast! (Mean that in a good way) Bravo!

Thanks @evoheyax @Namasaki

Jobby Lane needs to be a stealth mobile. I’ll stick with the VESCs so I can use the FOC setting.

I might have to try the Vesc myself eventually. It just has so many features. There’s times that I would prefer the stealth mode like riding back and forth in my neighborhood. Some of my neighbors are a bit too persnickety. And now there’s a new development with the Vesc that you can connect a Bluetooth module and use a smartphone app to adjust your Vesc settings and have realtime monitoring on the fly. This is HUGE!!!

Something showed up in the mail the other day.

Now I’m in the same boat as @AbrownMN.


Mildly depressing place to be for me right now haha…The weather is now perfect to ride. Can’t wait to get on this thing…

Are you using any risers? Any wheelbite?

No risers and no wheelbite.

With cutouts and the carvon v2 hubs on 10" funbox trucks, the only concern would be bite on the hub motors themselves.

That pic is setup as a top mount. There’s no bite at all. I haven’t tried it mounted drop through. It might be a little close since the board has a slight flare at the mount. There’s also the clutch doubletap that has no flare.

i found this site the batteries are a beast and they can customize them; for the Carvon motors thirst. I crave sick speed. I am 240lbs and I want a board that caters to the big muscular dudes.

Its a great idea, but they are too expensive. I have 2x 6s 8000 mAh zippy’s, they work great for range on a single drive system, I can pull high amps from them too. And they cost $160, not $700+. Also, there’s some debate as to whats the best for carvon’s right now. Higher s rating means higher optimal rpm, which the carvons never reach, thus creating inefficiency. A 6s would lower this and probably make it more efficient. However, you are bond by the vesc’s limit of 50 amps per motor, which means you can’t pull more than 100 amps (continuously), regardless of your batteries. lower s = more amps for the same result of a higher s battery. So going higher reduces amps, giving the feeling this is the best option, though a 6s battery may actually be better, if 100 amps is enough to get you up the hills you need. There needs to be some more trial and error here.

No offense, but those prices are stupid expensive. Anybody could series up comparable packs for under $150.

I agree they are expensive but, they have a lifetime warranty. If you view and scroll through to the bottom prices are still pricey but do-able for my situation!!! These types of batteries are for heavier electric skateboard guys. In the 240+ region using the carvon motors. I live in a hilly area–great going down them, not great going up them. The combination of higher voltage and amps really helped my situation. Though, I am still tweaking my board, but for bigger guys it cost to move that extra weight and for range. I specifically wanted the hub motors for the skateboard feel. The next board I build will be using a castle creation 2028 type motor. There’s a guy “skate21 JaysTCB, FLYKRISCO” on YouTube with a friend cruising around the streets at insane speeds of 40+ mph consistently trying to break a world skateboard speed record!

Your thoughts!

First, I weigh 210. You are going about getting torque the complete opposite of what you should do. You need a reduction set up with pulleys and belts. Hubs are not going to compete at any voltage at your weight. Second, the 2028, required major kicking to even get going because of its kv. Horrible choice of motor. He had several fires due to it pulling do many amps from working too hard. Third, a lifetime warranty on lipo? Good luck cashing in on that. You’d be way better off not buying in to that kind of marketing. They aren’t doing anything you can’t do yourself for a fraction of the cost.

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Fucking savage psycho

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I’m actually thinking somebody was just trying to plug their new 22.2 v battery start up…Bahahaha!

Now that all the parts are in and I got this thing running, I find that I don’t get a chance to ride until it’s dark.

These lights should help.

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Nice! I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing this thing in action. I was planning almost identical build with 10s but after reading this thread, I am unsure which way to go with the power. I’d prefer to stick with the 10s for the weight and the smaller footprint. @Namasaki your board really does sound like a jet engine on the TB ESC! Impressive but not altogether stealthy :stuck_out_tongue: @christ298 that guys videos are crazy… So ridiculously fast around the city streets passing traffic. Did you see the one where his Esc fails and he gets thrown?