Joymeet carbon fiber board

Anyone seen this guy? Looks like we can get a 4kw hub motors 42v battery and carbon deck for $45 shipped. Why are we buying overpriced enertion raptors with this on the market?? I mean, my wheels cost more than the whole board??

ha, thought that price was a typo, but it is $46 wtf

That video is of the Raptor 2!!! Its not even the board they are selling that the guy gave a review!!! Shady shit


It’s gotta be a scam.


This is the old Carbon Winboard. It wasn’t great and the deck cracked pretty quick. The price shown is def. a scam

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I just ordered one with express shipping. Will report back when it arrives!


I am sorry.


It is mainly a Enertion Video Remake and even with a bit of the evolve Video at the end. Totally scam. I think they wont even ship anything.

When they only would ship the Deck they would make loss.

These are scams. I am sure I read something about it on Reddit

for that price you don’t even get carbon fabric for a board 120% scam

the video is a mix of raptor esk8 and the last part was an evolve skateboard. i think this is a scam. dint even see the remote and the tittle says its a HUB MOTOR and in the end of video its a beltdriven motor…lol 3strikes and im out. hahahha

if you actually get it delivered i’m gonna be so fukn jealous.





If they actually deliver anything, did you think it’s gonna even be close to what they said it would be? Or even work for more than a couple days before breaking? These are already problems with cheap boards that you’d pay full price for to begin with. Don’t be jelly, bro. :wink:

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Heres a link to the board they are ripping off id say its deffo a scam

I have orded one to be shipped to the uk will let yous know what the crack is

This is scam guys. I see this type of stores poping up more frequently last few months. Anyone ordering this be ready to call your bank and ask for a chargeback. You will never get anything.

Site is a scam I have emailed several times to try and find it where my order was or where my tracking info was.”no response” have been visitingvyhe site frequently to see if there have been any updates and now the site looks totally different!! And when I try to login it says warning no matches found for my email :pensive::pensive: And I have no received it either and has been about 3 weeks

Well… you knew this would happen right? :smiley:

Hope you paid on a credit card.

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This is happening with belts also, fake site with good prices