JST-PH 7pin 2.0 mm female+female wire needed [EU,Sweden]

Let me know if you have a spare wire that could be sent to Sweden! Need one to connect FOCBOX to the HM-10. I believe this is the connection I need, right? One :sparkling_heart: :nerd_face:

Should be. I ordered a bunch of jst connectors from ebay 3 weeks ago. They should be here soon. Betalar du porto/frakt så skickar jag en åt dej från Finland

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Thanks a lot! Jag fick precis svar från en annan som har här i Sverige, men tusen tack i alla fall!!

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Still got a spare? :roll_eyes:

Female till male har jag

You got some extra 6 or 7 pin connectors? 2mm pitch

I might have some. Let me check later today when I’m home.

Gärna! Skicka din paypal och hur mycket jag blir skyldig i pm. :heart:

@sebike @acido pm me your shipping address Edit : @acido you wanted one male to female 6 or 7 pin with 2mm pitch right?