JST PIN driving me mad with ESC Cape

Here’s the thing : I bought some escape and to my surprise there’s no PPM port like there always was on the vesc. It’s JTS 2 MM So I bought some and I am fighting with this since 2 hours. I don’t understand how to do it properly. Either it won’t go in and when it will finally do there’s no light on the receiver meaning I’ve done something wrong.

Do you have a secret technique?


what do you mean? that the connector won´t go in the jst housing? and did you use a crimp tool or solder?

Best would be a crimp tool. Than the pins fit perfectly in. The small nose of the pin need to be on one side with the open site of the plug. I don’t have a crimp tool but I managed it non the less. Just cut one of the legs on the end of the pin. Than it’s more easy to bend the other leg around the wire. Before you plug the pin into the plug make sure your wire sit strong into the pin.

Why the receiver don’t get a signal I can’t say, but I know that on the escape UART port the pins turned around, if to compair with the vesc6. So maybe you just need to change the wires to different pins.

If everything goes wrong you can always solder the signal wires directly to the esc😜

I just squeeze the fuck outta it with a needle nose plier and make it fit, once it’s in it works.

Just solder on the wires when you loose your nerves

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First thoughts; the wires you’re using are too big. Max is 22 awg for jst ph 2.0. Ive had some success with 20 gauge but it’s tricky. Second, i highly recommend you buy the proper crimper tool for that application. Mechanically connected as good as any solder job. Not only does that end crimp the wires, but also grabs the insulation. I use this one and love it. But I’m sure you can find ones that are cheaper.

Edit: Looks as though those wires should do fine.

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